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ING infograph on outcomes and possible effect on eurusd and bonds. 

Did see a report yesterday that said if the Brexit party comes in as per some of the more favourable polls that they could top Germany's CDU as the largest single party in the European parliament, eurusd to 1.08?


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Center left and right parties look to be in trouble as interim results start to come in.

The #AfD could become the strongest party in #Brandenburg at the #2020 European Election. This is the interim result after 2,181 counties out of a total of 3,811. (As of 19:15)


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Greek leader Tsipras calling a general election following defeat, Le Pen calling on Macron to do the same.

UK counts coming in 10%, Brexit lead, Lib dems second.

BREX-EFDD: 32.0%

LDEM-ALDE: 20.1%

LAB-S&D: 16.2%


CON-ECR: 7.6%

SNP/PC-G/EFA: 4.5%

UKIP-ENF: 4.1%


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So both Labour and the Conservatives humble by the 4 week old Brexit party and the Lib-Dems.

Across the EU there is a broad shift towards the more nationalist parties. The big center left and center right alliance that has ruled for 40 years looks broken and the calls for new general elections getting louder for many nation states.

Interesting but uncertain times ahead. Currency markets not too concerned as yet


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