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Knock on wood

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There is never a dull moment in the lumber market.  Have been sitting on a considerable drag on my numbers with Lumber, as it wobbled and dropped to the 30000 mark. I called Lumber at 34000 May 2019 and was left scratching my head trying to understand what exactly is fair value. However, Lumber is slow to grow, until it's not. Upshot being Lumber has quietly grown 35% over the last month, turning red numbers  green. I know Crypto's have bulled higher but Lumber has recovered it's value. And some.  Perhaps overly so, as most markets tend to over compensate, both positive and negative.  The timing of which still serves to confuse, which must be on account of my novice status.

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A key metric for Lumber is the monthly US building permits which have held up well over 2019, see below;


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Guest Mike

I too am a lumber trader and I am looking to get in touch with professionals that do the same. Any chance would want to touch base sometime?

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    • I've posted a lot of SMB videos on this forum in the past, they are, as you say, excellent, as are many others where you are able to take those lessons and incorporate them. I've not heard of anyone doing the same from Ross's work (leaving aside the references on his site). Certainly the 2 guys on the forum here could not do it after around 9 months and multiple account blow ups. I also know of some who have used the chatroom say it's impossible to keep up, he would shout out a trade 'I'm in' but by the time they got to it he was already out. They just gave up as well.
    • I dont know what you can say is a scam about it really, if you dont feel like the content works for you thats fair enough but that's the same with every education provider out there - smb, live traders, warrior traders, the chart guys, ezeetrader, real life trading.  They all have their different approach to it but that's what you get with teachers right? I'd say there's good value in all their content for the right person, I've learnt a lot from all of those. 
    • Well I mean he trades everyday and is extremely successful, each to their own I guess but I think he's doing a great thing. I've personally learnt a hell of a lot just from watching him trade and his thousands of hours of free lessons and content up on youtube. Same with Mike Bellafiore and SMB, they're primarily a prop firm but their education is fantastic, they have a real passion for teaching and do it incredibly well imo. Some people just want to pass that knowledge on.