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British American Tobacco

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According to this website, if you bought 100 shares of BATS (which will cost about £2700 plus fees etc at the current price) you'll get around £50 per quarter in dividends or £200 a year, which is much better than I thought.  Certainly much better than if you put the money in a savings account.

By the time you get taxed, IG takes its platform fees and commissions, you probably won't have any of it left though


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Looks like it is in a 2+ year down channel and a potential candidate for shorting, now below the 200 day / 40 week SMA.

Actually vaping looks set to take off again with the US starting to realise the health issues including some deaths associated with vaping in the US recently stem from it being used ad hoc to administ

Interesting one BAT.  A family member asked me about this and some other stocks recommended for this year by a well known bank.  Almost all of them fell into the defensive category: Tobacco, obvs; Uti

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    • By the way if its a system you want to demo or try, I trade US 500 and Russell Long only, with no stops, I would not trade with no stops for gold, oil etc but am happy to do it on US indices as nothing recovers as quickly as US markets, so if I am wrong i just hold it until it goes in profit again, when I am wrong I wait until market recovers, so sometimes when market has gone against me I have to wait 4 -8 weeks before it recovers but this way means no drawdowns only overnight currency charge which is minima. You need to trade wihin your accoutn to do this as you need to make sure your balance is big enough when you get it wrong. You could try it on IG demo account  to see if it worked for you.
    • Yes your balance needs to be above 0, that's your most important number don't fall into the trap of thinking if its above 0 you can put trades on, you can but your balance needs to be big enough that if they go against you, you are still above 0, if not you get messgage from IG to add funds to your account or IG will take you out of trades, so if you had a trade you wanted to keep on it would now be taken out as a loss as funds in balance are in minus. You need a big enough number left in the balance column that if your trades go against you you can still hold if you want to.
    • Now all Musk has to do is buy BTC again and re-ramp for another shed load of profit.....
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