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MT4 stop loss



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1 hour ago, ReversalTrader said:

Is it really true that you can only have a stop loss in MT4 miles away from the entry? 

For example, a minimum, of 100 points on the FTSE. If I am day-trading the FTSE, I wouldn't want to use a 100 points stop and wouldn't have to on the webplatform. 

Is there any way around this? 

Hi, on the mt4 platform they routinely slot in an extra decimal place so I might enter the Dax at market with a stop loss of 100 on the ticket but it's actually 10 points, I think the minimum is 50 or 60 which is 5 or 6 points. I don't use pending orders but some have said they have a higher minimum.

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14 minutes ago, ReversalTrader said:

Hi Casey you're absolutely right. 

Thanks for the reply. 

Does anyone know how to set MT4 up so you can have default stops entered when you trade? 

If you use the mini terminal from the IG app pack download it will auto save stops, trailing stops, size and targets.

Type in the numbers rather than use the arrow up/down boxes, I suspect they occasionally cause a freeze @JamesIG, otherwise it works fine.


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