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2 hours ago, Goldenbull said:

Hi ,

can I add multiple spread bet accounts under same account 

Hey @Goldenbull thanks for your feedback message. 

As @TrendFollower mentioned you can hold lots of different accounts with IG.

We allow clients to also have 2 spread betting accounts under one username. If you need more than 2, call our helpdesk and they can run you through some options. 


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51 minutes ago, TrendFollower said:

Obviously this was not my question and it is not something I am looking to do. Just out of interest what would be the benefit of having two spread betting accounts under one username?

Could this allow one person to have several names on IG Community? I have wondered whether there are some who disguise themselves under another name. 

@TrendFollowerThanks for your fast response. 

The spread betting accounts would both sit under one username so you wouldn't be able to have two community accounts. 

Some people have 2 accounts so that one can be based in one currency and another can be in another currency. Others simple use it because they like having different markets separate so would have Forex trading in one and Index trading in the other.  

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