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All Markets Suspended and all Trading Halted


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51 minutes ago, studentofthechart said:

In this event, if the entire system comes to a halt, does anyone have an idea

of how any open trades will be treated? Is there any precedent?

Hey, thanks for your post. 

This hasn't happened yet so I wouldn't be able to say what IG would do. But, with limit down/ up restrictions we've kept the positions open until the market reopened. 

If this were to happen we will inform clients of our actions. 

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5 minutes ago, CharlotteIG said:

If this were to happy we will inform clients of our actions. 

lol!  You will be told what to do by your superiors and anyone who resists will be 'detained' ...

Wake up people ... the stock market is moving in one direction only and it's a matter of time before it gets closed down ...

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On 18/03/2020 at 22:38, CharlotteIG said:

But, with limit down/ up restrictions we've kept the positions open until the market reopened. 


can we edit our stops if markets are suspended?

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