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Turnaround Time on Picking up the phone



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14 minutes ago, Straddles said:

How long do you normally take for someone to pick up the phone.


The average waiting time for me is between 20-30mins.

I'm currently on hold and it has been 26 mins.

I have never been able to chat online either. 


Is this uncommon? 

At the moment we're experiencing high volumes of calls meaning our call queue is much longer than normal. Someone from our trading team has posted about this: 


''I truly apologize for the lack of phone support. Due to the  volume of calls we've been receiving it's been extremely tough for many clients to get through to us. Please send an email to helpdesk.uk@ig.com with your query. Please ensure you cc me in the email kenneth.fasedemi@ig.com. Once I receive it I will give you a call.''

I hope this helps. 


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Guest Chumbersa

I’ve been waiting to get through for the past two days as I can’t access my acccount.

I waited 1 1/2 hours yesterday .... eventually cut off at there end .... decided to try today currently 1 hour 20 mins  still no answer.

Great just got cut off again .... frustrating 

Thanks a bunch 

Just remember ‘my call is important to them’ ...mmmmm

I’ll have a try at the email....ridiculous 

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