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I've been using the smart portfolios for GIA and some ISA for over two years and have to say that compared to my funds held with HL and other using a wealth manager they have faired better before and post corona. I am thinking of moving money away from the Wealth Manager as roughly charges of 2% really don't seem worth it. They are very disparaging about smart portfolios! Any advice about the IG SIPP would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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Hello, I am pretty much on the same boat . 

I am only using the smart Portfolio, but thinking about making slightly more active by changing Risk Profile every once in a while (at most 3-4 times a year).  Obviously, there will be some transaction costs and I am OK with that.

I was wondering if, there is any limitation how often and how many times a year you can adjust the portfolio between the 5 predefined risk levels?

Any answers would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    • I call it a wash and rinse - it happens often at swing lows and swing highs, as they are the obvious place for stops to be placed at, the "science" of the markets means that these places are often hit because of what the market HAS to do to move.    
    • No the share dealing account is subject to tax. You will need to make a seperate application for an ISA and it will appear.
    • Hello, my 2 pence worth, On markets like the FTSE it would be good to have an option to switch off the simulated candles, I.e only between 0800 and 1630 being displayed.  The trading out of hours is not for me and I find it quite tiresome having to trawl through the charts of simulated candles. Second pence worth, When IG tv launches it brings up a box over the deal ticket and has on numerous occasions caused me to miss the moment to place trade, Same when a trade is closed due to hitting limits or stop losses. I either have to manually  click on the X to close before I place a trade. Really really frustrating. Apart from this I am happy with IG and the service I have received to date. I am not on IG's payroll lol