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  2. Never had this problem before, Margin always returned after closing a deal (+1pp to -1pp) Profit is in the account whilst the margin is still in the air, tried to open a short against that market but it doesn’t not use the pre existing margin, so the margin isn’t held within the fx I’m dealing. Any clue on how long it takes for them to release the margin and if this is a common thing?
  3. Yes but now Gap, and no explanation that i had a trade open but couldn't close it. Are you saying this is to be expected? That i can be in a trade, but will not be able to Close? And this is acceptable?
  4. *Note to self. Check the 'Notify me of Replies'...On each of my own threads.
  5. Thanks folks, but I've not been receiving notifications to these replies either. I'm still waiting for an answer. The chart at the time was not particularly volatile, the volume had actually dropped off too. What can I expect to happen here? @Caseynotes it seems you're setting me up for a 'This happens-Get used to it' kind of response. It's part of trading?? Seriously? However, I also find this far from ideal and practically dangerous. 6 days! I'm the only one with this issue?
  6. Trading is a frustrating enterprise @MYK1, as many people point out, losses are part of it. If you have good stop placement and you get taken out then this ought to have been a loss you were willing to bear (i.e. doesn't kill your account). It also means you can start fresh. In the case of GBPUSD the red line is around 12430. Below that a new set up must be sought (either a new wave 1 bottom or the beginning of a big drop (which ought to be mirrored in other pairs like EUR and AUD with a big rally in USD). Note, in my book it is perfectly feasible for GBP to put in a new wave 1 (and/or double bottom) and then rally but I would not hold a Long below the red line; I would wait for a new set of signals. Just for info, I did take a Long back at the breakout of the 1H channel, with a stop just below the red line, which I am still holding for a minimal loss if taken out. I did not add any further positions as I was expecting a pull back (EWT technique), and recent history suggested it would be a strong one (it clearly is, or will break lower...). That leaves me in a Long already so I will not think about trading another Long until I see a credible turn. As I noted on my EURUSD thread, there is a lower low (for a lower wave B) scenario there too, which must be watched as this is the main USD mirror. In addition, EURGBP has now put in a higher high and is approaching the long term overhead resistance trend line so ideally we need to see that turn for my lead GBP scenario to bear fruit. I will post on my Triad thread in due course. Net then I would not be going Long on GBPUSD until I saw a turn on price action, that ideally was backed up by other pairs (especially EURGBP, which means EUR could go lower while GBP rallies). Any Long should have a stop just below the red line (12430) as you don't want to carry the position into white space. It is all about minimising exposure and money management really.
  7. Stopped me out second time hope this time it will bounce up with power and don't look back lol🙄
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  9. There are a lot of UBIs on different exchanges may have caused some confusion but IG don't seem to list the company for share dealing, that maybe because it has a low market cap $44 mil. It is on the leveraged platform but listed as 'close only, unborrowable'.
  10. FX volatility continues dropping, currently nearing 5 year lows. see chart FX Volatility Index for the G7 below.
  11. Silver seems to be more in a more bullish mood compared to Gold. Platinum is too. Right now I have no conviction either way on whether Gold will go up or down. The only way one can try and get a feel on future direction is by following the US Dollar and looking out for any 'Risk On / Risk Off' situations such as equities tumbling down, potential war conflicts, economic recessions, political mayhem, etc. When one looks at the chart some could see a weakening trend upwards leading to selling and a downward move. Others could argue that Gold is consolidating before its next move upwards. I would not want to go 'Long' or 'Short' at this juncture and would prefer to merely wait until the price action confirms the directional move as this is the only way you can stack the odds and probability in your favour should you choose to trade Gold by trading in the direction of Gold's price rather than against it.
  12. yeah, and Ger economic sentiment came in a miss at -24.5 while the EU as a whole came in at -20.3 which was actually a slight beat lol.
  13. Dow has resistance at 27400 and looks pretty flat to me, here is my chart. 👿
  14. I want to buy UBI.ASX, Universal Biosensors, but IG says I need to sign a paperwork if I want to buy U.S shares. What dose it mean? UBI is an ASX stock, why can't I invest in it? Anyone has same problem?
  15. GBPUSD is taking it to the edge these days, last time a potential Wave B (green) just off the previous turn (wave 1) and now a retrace all the way to the Fib 88% and the previous 1H/4H channel breakout support zone. This is a critical moment for GBPUSD, will it now rally away from this support or break through to make new Daily chart lows? EUR is lagging and AUD remains strong, although I expect a retrace on the latter at some point.
  16. Gold H4 and the coiling continues to get tighter but the break when it comes usually leads to a strong move, never quite sure which way the break will go but most chart patterns are continuation patterns.
  17. Not just Deutsche Bank and it's derivatives black hole but German factory orders, industrial production and economic sentiment (today expected at -20).
  18. Dow checking the pivot before the London open, Dax looking to support at 12389. Both currently above the pivot so looking for long entries.
  19. Hi, see additional info on this subject in the Gold Weekly thread.
  20. Strong push down through 60 following a test of the recent high yesterday, now at 59.60 having found support at 59.27, RSI has dipped below 50 and the support level doesn't look too strong, may look lower.
  21. @davidbrister Thanks for the reply. I've been running the demo, which has actually made 1.5% in 2 weeks, with 5% drawdown. I have also had multiple sales people try to flog the the product multiple times. I find them aggressive and pushy, which makes me think there is something dodgy going on. I have had the same experience with regard to emailing questions and getting a call to respond. I haven't bought it yet, so think I've give it a wide birth. Thanks all for the feedback and knowledge. Much appreciated.
  22. Interesting comparison in the daily BTC and Gold charts both showing consolidation following a period of uptrend though Gold has a more flag type look to it. BTC back up to tussle over 10800 support turned resistance. Daily and H1 charts;
  23. Dax and Ftse both putting in daily reversal candles yesterday while Dow drifts upward after the strong push through resistance last week. Asian markets struggle with China concerns.
  24. Asian markets down Crypto down, Bonds up, USD flat, Oil and Gold up. Chart Bund. UK average earnings 9:30, Ger econ senti 10:00, US retail sales 1:30pm. Lots of Fed speak throughout the day. Ger sentiment expected at a very depressed -20.9.
  25. Yesterday
  26. Gold for me is still in an upward trend for now when one looks at the 'daily' chart. I include it below for your viewing. It shows that Gold is still trading above its 'daily' 20, 50, 100 and 200 DMA's. If it breaks below its 20 DMA on the 'daily' then there is the potential for a larger drop down towards its 'daily' 50 DMA. The trend to me looks like it is weakening and there is some range bound activity once the market decides which direction it wants to go in next which for me will be depending on the US Dollar along with 'Political and Economic' risk / news.
  27. Today Bitcoin has traded within the $9.8k to $10.9k rang which is over 1000 points. From a trading perspective especially for day traders and very short term traders this presents a fantastic trading opportunity as if you add leverage and trade in the direction of the short term move in Bitcoin then profits are there to be made. It will be extremely difficult of course as the intraday volatility is extreme to say the least. I am sure some of you may be 'scalping'.
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