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  1. If Gold goes back to the $1175 area then there could be further downside. It seems Silver is trying its best to hold on!
  2. An experience based prediction I would like to make is that there will be an almighty correction at some point so when there is a trend reversal then one must short and make profits on the way down. However, until there is a clear trend reversal, one must not exit early or take profits early. One must continue to hold and add whilst the trend is in tact and ride the trend all the way up. Remember, let your winners run.
  3. ZAR means South African Rand. I am just wondering why you did not just 'Google' ZAR currency and you would have found out the answer yourself?
  4. It just shows how 'credible' experts are only human and their 'guess' or 'assumption' is as good as anyone else who has experience in following the markets and an interest in economics.
  5. For those who are interested and want to carry out some quick research then one will find that India is now rapidly looking into Blockchain and a specific state within India has already adopted Blockchain into its Land Registry system.
  6. At 13:21 UK time Carbon Energies is one of the best performing within the Energies sector.
  7. Yes totally agree. Once there is a trend reversal as any correction could be brutal and keep continuing downwards and one should not try and catch a 'falling knife'.
  8. @Caseynotes, very interesting graphics. If markets were to take a tumble then one must have capital ready on the sidelines to 'pounce' to take advantage of any once or twice in a generation corrections. One must be ready to pull the 'trigger' if such opportunities arise.
  9. @AbDXB1345, from my experience I have found commodities as one of the better asset classes to trade from a trend following perspective. When I first started on such a journey many years ago it was commodities that I started trading using trend following principles. Initially, I was not always successful. In fact, I made some big losses on Natural Gas whilst trying to grapple with the concept of taking emotions out of any trades. My success came when I started trading oil, corn, cocoa, etc and beginning to make profits by holding on to my positions until the trend changed. I began being more patient and holding on to my winners rather than exiting too quickly and at the same time I began exiting my losing positions much quicker thus reducing the amount of losses. Yes, there will be plenty of losses using such a strategy. The key is to ensure that your winners make you more profits than the losses with your losers. I find mid cap, small cap and nano cap companies also trend rather well. With nano cap companies only a small amount of them so it is a case of identifying them and those trends can be more shorter than the small cap and mid cap companies. Crypto's are also very interesting as long as you are willing to hold your positions longer to catch those long term trends. These are just my thoughts but you may identify trends that I have not even considered or come across. I would not worry too much about the asset class. There are some funds which show great trends. Have a look at robotics, automation and artificial intelligence funds. You will see beautiful looking charts based on price action. The returns on some of these funds even after any fund management fees are still better than say large cap shares listed on the FTSE 100 over a 12 month period. As they say 'Elephants Don't Gallop'. I tend to stay away from large cap stocks when it comes to trend following. The only time I bought FTSE 100 companies was after the credit crunch when bank shares tanked and I could not resist though I used more value investing principles at this point. Trend following is not the only answer and one must keep an open mind. It does not guarantee success but it can assist in improving the probability of success.
  10. @PandaFace, commented on my recent Carbon Emissions post. I think if you look back at my commodity posts then you will see the likes of Lumber, Orange Juice and Cotton. If they are showing a stronger trend than say Oil, Gold, Corn, etc. then that is what one should consider trading ahead of the more well known 'sexy' commodities.
  11. @PandaFace, when trading trends it does not matter whether it is a share, fund, commodity, crypto, etc. If there is a strong trend then it can be traded regardless of whether it is a share or a commodity. For me the most important thing is the trend and it is irrelevant what commodity or share it is. When trend following shares I learnt that it does not matter how profitable the company is or how healthy the balance sheet is. The company could be doing badly but if there is a trend whether long / short then it can be traded. It is the trend that is important rather than the company itself and what it is doing. In terms of trading Carbon Emissions, you are trading the trend. You do not need to be an expert on Carbon Emissions. I certainly am anything but. Yes an awareness of the fundamentals can only help gain a better understanding of the market you are trading and help with understanding why the trend is either on the long side or short. This can be resolved with a little bit of time and research.
  12. It is a hard one to call as both Gold and Silver could continue their downward trend or there could be a sharp trend reversal.
  13. Yes, I agree with @Caseynotes. That sure sounds like Bitcoin. @Graham, it is a good job you are doing this through a demo account!
  14. @PandaFace, I agree with you. They all do it. However, if I want to spread bet (not physically acquire) say IOTA and want to use leverage to enhance the probability of any profit maximisation on a trade then what choice do I have? The same applied for Ripple. I had very few options. I accept charges are important but if the trend is so strong like it was on Ripple then it clearly outweighs any charges when you look at the profits achieved. However, I accept your points and agree with you.
  15. This is very interesting and I am sure this decision was not taken lightly either. Lloyd's of London Makes Quiet Entrance Into Crypto Insurance Market https://www.coindesk.com/lloyds-of-london-makes-quiet-entrance-into-crypto-insurance-market/ It just shows how the Crypto market is evolving and is becoming part of the future we are yet to see. This is why one must have an open mind and not let historical patterns and historical behaviour blind us to seeing a new vision and future.
  16. This is Ripple all over. When the price action for Ripple was shooting upwards like a Rocket I had to use another platform other than IG as IG did not offer it otherwise I would have missed out on spectacular gains. Again I am using another platform for IOTA as IG do not offer it. Once the money is made IG will then come and offer it! IOTA price analysis: IOT/USD goes ballistic, moving above $0.7100 as IOTA team release PoWaaS client https://www.fxstreet.com/cryptocurrencies/news/iota-price-analysis-iot-usd-goes-ballistic-moving-above-07100-as-iota-team-release-powaas-client-201808280754
  17. @NadelinaIG, Thank you for such a quick response. It is very much appreciated. Plus500 which is another platform I use for trading Cryptocurrencies offers IOTA. How do they manage it? If IG want to be perceived as better than Plus500 then they need to improve their Cryptocurrency offering.
  18. To add some fundamental analysis to support the price action please see the article below. EU carbon prices could double by 2021 and quadruple by 2030 https://www.carbontracker.org/eu-carbon-prices-could-double-by-2021-and-quadruple-by-2030/
  19. The trend for Carbon Emissions has been strong over the past 12 months. The chart below clearly highlights this.
  20. Could this be the next leg down for Gold? Cryptocurrencies are up! Hmmmmm. An assumption one could make is that capital is being shifted from Gold to Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This assumption needs to be tested with evidence or factual data but it is an assumption I am leaning towards nevertheless.
  21. There is this big myth that there are no Bitcoin ETF's. From what I understand US clients invest in Bitcoin ETF's via Sweeden's XBT Provider Bitcoin and Ether ETF's. They exist but just not listed in the US though I think that has changed or is about to change. I may be wrong so someone will need to check but I think foreign registered Bitcoin ETF's could be listing in the US.
  22. Good question. I think IOTA is a very interesting one. The problem is whether there will be demand on IG's platform for clients to trade it. Liquidity will be key and volume important. What is IG's take on IOTA?