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  1. @rimmy2000, no problem. Will do. I invested in the XBT Provider One product for Bitcoin which is essential an Exchange Traded Note (ETN). It is a high risk product but I managed to invest in it when Bitcoin was around the $2,000.00 levels. I have just kept it in there as I did not want to physically own any Cryptocurrencies. I just wanted to trade them both long and short. However, this was an investment into Bitcoin using what is essential a Swedish Bitcoin ETF. You can select either EUR or SEK and there is currency risk but I have used it as a long term hold in Bitcoin. IG's Spread Betting platform is for the shorter to medium term trading opportunities on Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.
  2. I have invested in a start up business called Pod Point and have an equity stake. If you are interested in the electric car vehicle theme then you may want to have a look at their website. I am extremely weary of resource companies jumping on the bandwagon of Lithium. There are a few on the AIM market such as Cadence Minerals, etc. My experience has told me that by the time it hits the media and newspapers are tipping shares it usually means time to exit. There will be a short rise as the 'herd' read the tips and jump in but then the smart money who have big profits exit and take their profits with them leaving losses for those still left in. I have seen this time and time again so I would not read too much into the likes of the Sunday Telegraph article. Also your capital can sit in a resource company for years and even after 10 years you may make a return but when you annualise the return it is normally pretty poor and you could have allocated that very same capital elsewhere and made a better return in a shorter time.
  3. After the big correction in Soybean Meal is the downward trend going to continue or is there about to be a trend reversal? This will be an interesting one but remember we don't want to make any trades on what we think may happen but instead waiting for confirmation of any assumptions based on how the price does actually act. I personally would be hold any short positions and waiting for at the 20 day moving average to be cleared before even considering any long trade as the chart below shows.
  4. Carbon Emissions made a new high today as the chart below illustrates. It is one of the best performing commodities today that is offered on IG's platform as it went up by 150 points and 5% in the session today. Now add leverage and you can see why it is an attractive trade. This is where a trailing stop is extremely useful to ensure risk management is applied but aids profit maximisation in the trade. By monitoring the price action one should be able to identify the trend reversal in real time. Yes it is boring and time consuming but if you live and breath the asset you are trading in terms of price behaviour then it gives you an advantage when facing certain decisions that need to be made such as adding to the position or reducing the position size. Also amending any stop losses, etc.
  5. @AbDXB1345, have you tried looking at Sharescope? It is brilliant at helping to identify trends in stocks using moving averages, etc. The link is within one of my previous posts on this thread (if you look upwards).
  6. @rimmy2000, I think what is happening is a discussion on Bitcoin's price movements and behaviour with people discussing their thoughts. I don't think anyone is really making predictions as no one has a crystal ball and no one can tell the future. Bitcoin is such a volatile beast that one cannot tell what it is going to do in the next hour never mind the next day or week. We are all merely discussing our inner thoughts in relation to the price behaviour of Bitcoin. If you look at the Bitcoin daily chart then you will find that it is clearly in a long term down trend from after Christmas to date. You will see any major spikes up going lower and lower. I have been following Bitcoin for the past few years so I am not surprised at all that we could be discussing Bitcoin attempting $8000+ or down to $6000 levels. I have seen Bitcoin hit from $1000 to $20000 in the same year! Previously I have seen Bitcoin go from $100 to $1000 in a very short time. I have also seen Bitcoin go from $20000 to $6000 in just as short a timeframe. Many including myself did not know when or why the current 'blood bath' was going to take place but if you have been following Cryptos then one will know that this is not unusual. In fact after a while you get used to it. The key is to understand what the medium term to long term trend is. The day traders will deal with the short term trends. Cryptos can drop like a stone without any prior warning. This one may have been down to the negative stance on the Goldman Sachs news where they have delaying their decision on entering the Crypto market. This is just an assumption as I do not know for sure. Cryptos are very sensitive. They react to positive and negative news with an amplified reaction. I follow the price action of Bitcoin and cryptos in general. Bitcoin has been a long term short play since the $20000 levels were hit and the chart will illustrate that. There will be some traders that have noticed the large spikes up during this downward trend and decided to trade them. There are numerous strategies that can be used in which to try and make money on Bitcoin. @rimmy2000, I would not encourage you to take any punts on Cryptos. If you do not understand the market then it is best to stay away. If you prefer assets that you can value then do not trade or invest in Cryptos as you will it difficult and extremely challenging to value them.
  7. @JamesIG, do IG offer Micro Cap funds within IG's ISA or IG Smart Portfolios?
  8. @Caseynotes, trading on AIM is hard, make no mistake. I have never looked at AIM as getting the next big thing. ASOS is the most famous big thing on AIM. Some of my biggest profits on AIM came from the junk companies like Quindell, Globo and Monitise and none of them exist today as they were then. They all failed but the share price appreciation was majestic. Yes, liquidity is a serious issue but I have never had any major problems exiting. Maybe it is the types of shares I am selecting. I tend to look at both the price action and volume and monitor them once on my watchlist to see how many shares are being traded daily. Traded volume can be a good indicator. I tend to avoid those shares regardless of the trend where the traded volume is scarce. I would imagine these would be very difficult to exit from rendering any exit strategy as more or less useless. The warning you mention are very serious and real warnings. One must remember that a lot of companies on AIM fail. They list on AIM to raise capital. They tend to be newer companies that have grown from start up stage to growth stage but still very small. They are nano cap companies so smaller than micro companies which themselves are high risk so I would define nano caps at ultra high risk. However the returns on a few of them are simply unattainable on the other markets in London. @Caseynotes, there are lots of OEICS / Unit Trusts (Investment Funds) which invest in UK micro caps. I am sure you have heard or come across UK Smaller Company funds. You may wish to look at UK Micro Cap funds. The ones I have invested in for many years are as follows: Marlborough UK Micro Cap Growth FP Octopus UK Micro Cap Growth Liontrust UK Micro Cap I still hold all three of these funds along with many other funds and I invest in such funds on a monthly basis via Direct Debit. I treat such investments as a way to create wealth over the long term and I am a high risk capital growth investor. I treat the investments as the same as if I were paying a mortgage on a monthly basis. I take advantage of 'cost pound averaging' and then only make lump sum investments on any major corrections or major downturns such as recessions or financial or political crisis where stock markets crash or seriously go down.
  9. I am looking for Bitcoin to hold around the $6100 level. If it does and then another move upwards arises then that could be a very good confirmation signal that we have seen a bottom in Bitcoin for now. However, if it does not hold then...
  10. Bitcoin is one of the best performing cryptos available on IG's platform today and it is down at the time of writing around 6% and nearly 450 points!
  11. @Caseynotes, my thoughts on the inexperience tackling AIM is that they should not without having a clear strategy on how to tackle such a monster. Make no mistake there is money to be made on AIM. Even the most rubbish shares can move double digits in a day on just a 'flimsy' RNS. One strategy which I have used in the past is to buy those AIM shares that release what I deem as positive news at 7:00 am via an RNS. I use Investigate for this and it is free so it will not cost a penny. I have provided the link below. https://www.investegate.co.uk/Index.aspx?sector=AIM&date=20180905 I then sell by about 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm so at least 0.5 to 1.5 hours before the market closes. Another strategy I have adopted has been to merely identify trends and ride those trends with trailing stops in place. Stop losses are a must on AIM shares. Clear risk management is needed. I have used Sharescope to aid me in this. I have again provided the link below. https://www.sharescope.co.uk One can profit from the rubbish on AIM as long as one remembers not to worry about fundamentals, balance sheets, profits, turnover, etc. There are many shares which go up high double digits in a month and the fundamentals are appalling. That can be put to one side and to just trade based solely on price action. One must not get emotionally attached to any of the rubbish companies on AIM. Just trade them based on price action, take the profits or losses and then move on to the next. Patience is required too. If there are no trends that have been identified or any opportunities established then one does nothing on AIM. Sometimes doing nothing is better than doing something for the sake of doing it. I hope that makes sense! Now the question is whether someone new to investing or trading could be so disciplined and trade the rubbish on AIM? Yes @Caseynotes, it is a tough learning curve but if one is willing to take on such risk and manage that very risk then there are huge possibilities. The limited capital could be an issue with trading fees so one may have to have smaller positions initially until the capital buffer is increased or waiting until they have enough of a 'war chest' before they begin. Also their age will be a factor as this may determine their risk tolerance. It all depends on what someone's risk tolerance is. If it is not very high then I would seriously encourage them to avoid AIM as it is for high risk investors and traders. They must have a clear plan, discipline to execute any strategy they are going to adopt and be prepared to make plenty of losses. There are tax benefits for investing on AIM and I have provided the link below. https://www.londonstockexchange.com/companies-and-advisors/aim/publications/a-guide-to-aim-tax-benefits.pdf AIM gets a lot of bad publicity and rightly so but one must not be scared or worried about AIM. One must be strong and find those opportunities to make as much money / profits as possible in the shortest time possible. AIM certainly provides this opportunity in abundance if one is willing to put in the hard work of researching to find those companies and putting in the time required to identify any such trends that one could follow.
  12. @Caseynotes, I take your point of the 'new investor' paragraph and totally accept your point on the second paragraph.
  13. @JamesIG, oh ok. In that case as you have asked the IG Community the question then are you able to provide some statistics? How many members are in the Labs Forum? How many members actively participate in the Labs Forum? What value or enhancement will this migration bring to the IG Community? There must be a beneficial reason for this migration for the IG Community and if there is then I would support such a move. If the reasons are 'wishy / washy' then it is a different matter. I think for the IG Community to move to the next level the amount of participation must be greater from all those 'passive' members who are on the sidelines but do not wish to post anything on the threads. Will any migration solve this issue? It seems to be the 'usual suspects' posting most of the content. How can the IG Community change this?
  14. @trading stock tips, why always cut your losses at 8%. If one trades high risk markets which are volatile then one may need stop losses of between 10% to even 20% so that one does not get stopped out on any whipsaws. Also why not buy a stock under $15 a share. If one wants to trade or invest in small caps as 'Elephants Do Not Gallop' then this does not make sense.
  15. Yes you are referring to the 'Petro' backed by oil which shows in times of dire need they have turned to cryptocurrency! Venezuela Gold Reserves https://tradingeconomics.com/venezuela/gold-reserves When former PM Gordon Brown sold half of UK's Gold Reserves I was not happy. However, it may have been an accidental masterstroke as the need for Gold reserves is diminishing. Its value is diminishing. This is just in my opinion. There are 12 countries around the world that have more Gold reserves which is rather telling.
  16. @Mutley, Have a look at Sharescope. I use it and I find it very helpful in assisting me to identify trends. https://www.sharescope.co.uk They used to offer free trials but not sure if they do now but worth contacting them to see if they can offer a free trial.
  17. @Caseynotes, Gold and Silver have been short plays for a while now. Silver is like Gold but on 'steroids' when it comes to price behaviour in a bull market in precious metals. However Silver 'tanks' greater than Gold on the reverse. US markets have had a stellar run. As I have stated in other threads before that one must let their winners run and not exit too early. For a trend follower this would be when there is a clear trend reversal which leads to the stop loss being triggered. Bull markets last longer than one can imagine and are generally of a longer time frame than corrections or crashes. Regardless of what one thinks of Trump, he has been brilliant for the US stock market. I just hope people have had some exposure to the US markets in their portfolio. I tend to go for funds which invest in US Smaller Companies for my US exposure due to my appetite for risk but large and mid cap US exposure would have been just great. Just look at what is happening in Venezuela and the inflation issues in Argentina to see why such countries could turn to Cryptocurrencies. The Venezuelan Bolivar is not worth the paper it is printed on. What will the Venezuelans do buying Gold? This is where Bitcoin could be the solution and the Venezuelan currency crisis could be a historical factor and pivotal moment which is highlighted in the books to be written in the future.
  18. India is a market with enormous potential for Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. I was in India recently and was astonished at the level of knowledge that people in Gujarat have on this subject area compared to people generally in the UK. The article below shows how serious India is about this area. India’s Securities Regulator Conducts Global Study Tours On Cryptocurrencies And ICOs https://blocktribune.com/indias-securities-regulator-conducts-global-study-tours-on-cryptocurrencies-and-icos/
  19. This articles highlights the importance of Stellar to IBM. IBM to demo blockchain-based payment system at Sibos https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/32601/ibm-to-demo-blockchain-based-payment-system-at-sibos
  20. Litecoin has been rallying for the past two weeks which is shown by the chart below. It has made a new month high and it seems to be performing stronger than Ether, Ripple and Bitcoin Gold which were the original colleagues of Bitcoin on IG's platform offering.
  21. Silver is leading the way and showing Gold the path downwards! The chart below illustrates this nicely. Even with what is happening in Argentina, Venezuela, Trump trade wars, EU, Brexit, etc. capital is simply not being shifted into precious metals such as Gold even when there is so much risk around the world.
  22. I myself am not a coder but I think it could enhance the IG Community. I agree with @Caseynotes, that maybe it could have its own section just like Commodities or Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. @JamesIG, If you are unsure then why not simply trial it or would that require far too much effort?
  23. @Mutley, thats ok. I agree with your main paragraph. That sure is AIM. If you are in then ok, lets see how we can minimise the risk for you. I hope you have a stop loss set. If not then set one. That way you know the maximum loss you can make on this trade / investment. Do not add to your position if the price declines. If the price begins to rise from your buy in price then do think about adding to your positions. Have a plan and as cheesy as it may sound, failing to plan is a plan to fail.
  24. @cryptotrader, I agree it should be backed up by sources. I am extremely busy and try my best to participate within the IG Community. Please accept my apologies. If you look historically then you will find that most my posts are supported by sources. However, on this occasion one was not included. It may have been due to lack of time or that I simply forgot, I cannot remember. I sure do hope that everything you post going forwards is supported by sources! LOL ?
  25. I have noticed over the past 24 hours or so that Litecoin seems to be holding up rather well compared to all the other main cryptos by market cap. Does anyone have any thoughts around the reasons why this may have been the case? I noticed some articles from Charlie Lee (founder of Litecoin) in this same period online. I am not a fan of Litecoin but have a look at below. The market cap is below: $3,876,326,752 USD 532,150 BTC Volume (24h) $252,190,043 USD 34,621 BTC Circulating Supply 58,140,779 LTC Max Supply 84,000,000 LTC