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  1. @Theo, Yes in a rush and using my phone I missed the dividend bit. Apologies. It’s ok at least now you know before you place your next trade. Ideally you want to know these things before you place the trade as it seems you were not expecting this.
  2. The Gold retrace is only important if you trade the shorter term movements. I personally don’t and trade the bigger picture and play the longer trend game. It is also important if you want to add to your positions on the dips or it changes into a trend reversal. This is important more for me. We will all see any retrace via the price action. None us know when exactly it will happen so there is little point in thinking about it unless you want to trade short on the retrace.
  3. @Trevbeats, I am replying back to you on my own personal thread as I don’t want to sidetrack someone else’s thread. Some of the strongest trading assets right now are Silver, Gold and Bonds. There are others too and when I a back at home at the weekend then I shall respond in more detail. I am away on business and currently using my iPhone to respond and I find it much harder!
  4. @dmedin, This is the wrong thread for the big Gold retrace discussion. I think you may have me mixed up with someone else? 😂
  5. @Theo, I am pretty sure you cannot short the Dow for £50.00 margin on IG’s Spread Betting account. Was it £50.00 per point? Maybe you got stopped out or your funds ran out due to use of leverage?
  6. @nit2wynit, I am not the greatest trader and I accept that. I also accept there are many better traders than me who make far more profits than me. It is unlikely they will be using IG’s platform to trade. They will have an account with Goldman Sachs and the like which requires a bond of a couple of million pounds and it is those traders you want to follow and look for guidance. You will only find words and charts on IG Community and then more words but after the price has reacted which we can all see. I include myself in that. What you are looking for is someone to tell you how to trade but the problem you have got is that you have picked an asset which is small caps and decided to day trade and you seem to be rigid in this position. Trading requires flexibility and adaptability. Trade assets which are strongly trending. What if small caps are not strongly trending? Then what is your strategy as you want to day trade so you will become trigger happy which you want to avoid. Be patient and wait for the best opportunities and trade those.
  7. @nit2wynit, I used to day trade AIM listed companies many years ago based on RNS’s being released in the morning. If it was a positive RNS that showed revenue increasing or revenue enhancing information then I would buy otherwise I would not. These were micro and nano companies. You could try on a demo account to see if you can create a trading strategy for small caps using a similar methodology. The key for me was to exit on the same day as these shares were notorious for pump and dump so could not be greedy and just be happy with one days returns.
  8. Is the current price behaviour telling us which direction Bitcoin is more likely to travel in its next move? $10.5k was hit overnight. Today will be interesting.
  9. @Zoryana, I agree. I work full time and invest in start ups along with actively managing my investment portfolio. Trading is only a small part of what I do and you must have trading goals which are realistic and achievable. I know my time limitations so trend following suits my personal circumstances and personality. Also I agree mostly with the principles though I have tweaked some of them to suit my aims and objectives. This is where a trading plan comes in. In your trading plan you should detail why you are going to use Spread Betting to meet your trading goals?
  10. If I am using trend following principles (albeit tweaking them to suit my own individual circumstances) then this should be included in my trading plan. It should be clear how I am using trend following principles in my trading decisions. The same can be said for any trader following Elliott Wave principles or any other trading principles. It should be clear in their trading plan how they use their trading principles in their decision making. One of the biggest challenges traders face is admitting they do not have a trading plan and then accepting that they should have one.
  11. There may be some of you who would rather invest directly in Gold mining companies. That is fine if you know what you are doing. In my experience investing in Gold mining companies requires a lot of time and patience where as investments in Gold investment funds and trusts can reward investors in a shorter timeframe. The fund managers have access to data and material that the small investor just does not have and therefore the funds can identify better opportunities by conducting more effective due diligence.
  12. This is the latest RNS released this morning to the market from Coinsilium for those who are interested. Coinsilium Group Limited Indorse Operational Update https://www.investegate.co.uk/coinsilium-group-limited--coin-/eqs/indorse-operational-update/20190902070023EFKER/ What is interesting is that Coinsilium's stake is worth around $1.5m based on the current valuation.
  13. Would you start a business without a business plan? Would you be able to obtain large amounts of capital and financing from a bank or financial institution without a business plan? The answer to both questions above should be NO! If you are answering yes to any of the two questions then I am afraid you are most likely to fail in trading in my personal opinion. If you answer no to both questions when ask yourself why you should trade without a trading plan? You are trading with your hard earned money. You do not want to risk losing it all. Therefore you must have a trading plan.
  14. This week I received a letter from Fidelity advising me that one of my investment funds was closing which is the Barings Frontier Markets Fund. Now I used to invest in Merrill Lynch Gold & General which then turned into Blackrock Gold & General and JP Morgan Natural Resources. I sold them both a few years ago when Gold and Natural Resource companies were generally declining in price. However, I today switched my funds from Barings Frontier Markets Fund into Investec Global Gold Fund and will be adding per month using 'cost pound averaging'. Before deciding upon which Gold fund to switch to I came across many good ones on Fidelity's platform as below: HC Chateris Gold and Precious Metals Blackrock Gold & General Smith and Williamson Global Gold and Resources Merian Gold and Silver Fund Gold ETF's and Gold ETC's (Physical and Leveraged) Now of course there are many different funds and investment trusts in relation to the asset Gold. The returns have been excellent recently. It is well documented in my posts that I am not a fan of Gold long term but during the short to medium term I see Gold as excellent addition to my investment portfolio just to add some defensive resilience to my investment portfolio in case things get ugly in the markets. It is sort of like an insurance policy if you like. Now another reason I have gone for a Gold investment fund is that they invest in Gold mining companies (larger ones) but also junior ones. Now when Gold is in a bull market, gold mining companies offer a sort of leveraged bet on the price of Gold. They perform and deliver greater returns than Gold itself. I have experienced this many times in the past when I was a long term investor in Merrill Lynch and then Blackrock Gold & General and JP Morgan Natural Resources funds. So if Gold does perform like some of us are anticipating in the coming months and maybe the next year or two (remember bull markets can last longer than one thinks) then Gold investment funds should deliver greater returns than if one investing physically in Gold itself. This should enhance my returns for my investment performance. Now I totally accept that the closure of the Barings Frontier Markets Fund has forced my hand to switch that capital into another fund and hence has led to my investing in Investec Global Gold fund. Had the Barings fund not have closed then I most probably would not have invested in the Investec fund so that is some honesty from me. Also I am disclosing a real life investment switch that I have made and am openly sharing this with the IG Community. I am still trading Gold using IG's UK Spread Betting platform that those who are interested can view my Potential Long Gold Trade thread and the posts it contains.
  15. @TheGuru12, Your at least 1580 did not come this week.
  16. @dmedin, I do not disagree with the article from Zero Hedge. One must remember that Blockchain solutions that large corporations are incorporating into their business solutions practice is totally different to ICO's and Crypto start ups that the article is referring to. Context is king! I accept the arguments that the majority or even as high as 90% of Crypto starts ups are junk and one should stay away from them. I totally agree with that sentiment.
  17. I am intrigued what September 2019 to December 2019 will bring in terms of trending action for Bitcoin. I think we are about to find out very soon which way Bitcoin is going to trend. Don't worry if it is down. If that is the case then simply go 'short'.
  18. @Zoryana, First of all, welcome to the IG Community. I agree with most of what you have advised in your two posts above. The only thing I disagree with is with wishing best of luck and hope that he succeeds. The words 'Hope' and 'Luck' are more appropriate for gambling than trading. If you have to rely on luck and hope then you are in trouble when it comes to trading. I agree with the buying and holding from an investment perspective. I am an investor first and a trader second. I have been investing for many years and have been buying and holding, buying on large corrections, large drops and consistently buying using 'cost pound averaging' has served me rather well. I only make lump sum investments during recessions, large drops, corrections or times of crisis, uncertainty and panic. Otherwise I invest religiously every month. Trading is a different animal altogether and spread betting is a different beast. I have documented my thoughts on the title of this topic in this thread on a few occasions (feel free to read them if you wish) so I will not repeat it again. Welcome and look forward to discussing and engaging in the future.👍
  19. @Ben1, If this current support price level breaks then I think we are going to have the potential to see around the $7.5k price level which could present a shorting opportunity. Otherwise we are going to see a break upwards which could either be a monster move or just a move above $11k to $12k. Either way there will be a trading opportunity but I agree with you that we need to see which direction Bitcoin is likely to continue travelling in before any traders decide to make their move.
  20. @Ben1, Thank you. It really was not that difficult. 😀 I am going to include the chart 'daily' to illustrate the observation to the wider IG Community. There is clearly support around this price level for now.
  21. Effective Stop Loss Management in a Trading Plan: When you are devising your trading plan you need to think 'outside the box' and challenge conventional wisdom. It is not a hidden secret then when setting effective stop losses that the markets have algorithms which can very easily target the 'normal' stop losses. This is why you hear a lot of traders on the IG Community unhappy about being stopped out of a market they felt they had no right to be. They are unhappy as they were ultimately right about the trade direction but still lost on the trade. When traders set their stop losses based on theory from a text book or some technical analysis book they forget that the whole market has access to such information available at a click of a button nowadays. By setting normal rounded and 'common' stop losses they are decreasing their 'edge'. Traders must assess the volatility of the asset they are trading before finalising their stop loss strategy and this is an aspect that a lot of traders simply do not consider.
  22. I am seeing an increase in investment opportunities on Crowdfunding websites that have incorporated some form of 'tokenisation' into their business model. Now I am not sure whether this is a good or bad thing. Time will tell as a lot of these companies just jump on the bandwagon to attract more capital from those who know and understand very little. A nice interview article below which makes some interesting points. Interview with Eloisa Marchesoni - WBS Dubai Coverage https://coincodex.com/article/4896/interview-with-eloisa-marchesoni-wbs-dubai-coverage/
  23. Blockchain is still here. It has not disappeared and it has not be proven to be a FAD. More and more companies are adopting the technology. More companies are incorporating Blockchain though I accept the pace could be quicker but due to costs of change and complexities it is not always a cheap and quick process. One must appreciate that. More and more larger corporations are seriously looking to Blockchain to offer solutions that can improve future performance.
  24. I think the investment opportunities in these technology themes are going to be mind boggling over the next 20-30 years. So for those with wealth creation aspirations or those with capital growth ambitions, this must be an investment area that one must consider in their investment portfolios. Bluetooth finds a role in the industrial internet of things https://www.networkworld.com/article/3434526/bluetooth-finds-a-role-in-the-industrial-internet-of-things.html The possibilities are remarkable and once the investor appreciates how these different technologies will merge, collaborate, supplement each other and be used together more effectively then one will begin to appreciate the investment potential of such a theme.