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  1. I found a usable csv for US stocks at: http://www.rightline.net/calendar/ I'm still searching for a similar list for FTSE 350 stocks.
  2. Does anybody know where I can download an earnings calendar for 2019 in CSV format? Especially I'm looking for the earnings dates of stocks listed in the S&P 500 and FTSE 350.
  3. You are correct, neither IG's version, nor PRT premium show your account balance and so on. This shortcoming has been known for a long time. Why it is the way, I can't tell.
  4. I think PRT will not charge you a monthly fee but I strongly recommend you NOT to use PRT's auto trading with real money. It's faulty and will sooner or later loose your money because of platform errors. When this happens PRT will not compensate you stating you were using it on your own risk. It costed me over 1500 USD to find this out. Use IG's API instead. This works stable and you will only lose your money because of your bad strategy and not because of platform errors. 😉
  5. I'm searching for a list of the FTSE350 companies that also gives the (super)sector for each stock. 10-11 sectors would be perfect like financials, healthcare and so on.
  6. Hi Andy, I can confirm the the API works with IG Switzerland. Some responses come in german. This is the only difference I noticed so far.
  7. 1.) I think you can not place trades with IG through trading view. 2.) All profits you earn will be automatically exchanged to the base currency of your account. Not really sure if this was your question though.
  8. This is why I stopped using PRT. I had a strategy running live with great profit for more than 6 months without any problems. Then a platform error caused a loss of about 1500 USD. PRT refused to refund me for this loss though it was a bug in PRT that obviously caused the loss saying I used PRT on my own risk. This is where I decided to leave and I never regret this decision.
  9. You can have the account in switzerland in the base currency you prefer. I have mine in SEK for example. @JinGin: I didn't try to keep mine but if Sunny Days can have two I'd assume that you also can.
  10. I have moved my trading to IG Swiss. Was no problem at all. I simply closed my account and opened a new one with IG Switzerland.
  11. If you are serious about auto trading have a look at IG's API. This works very stable for me.
  12. No need to look overseas, just outside the EU is enough. Switzerland would be an alternative for example.
  13. Sounds really strange. Usually stop/limit orders in PRT's auto trading are only valid for the next bar. So if you don't repeat your order every bar again it should vanish after only one bar. But this might be just another example why you shouldn't use PRT's auto trading with real money. It is a nice looking feature on the first glance but it is faulty and has many bugs that will sooner or later result in you loosing money if you try to run strategies live with it. However PRT is quite nice for constructing custom indicators and also useful to make a fast backtest of an idea.
  14. You can download IG's data through their API. Here you find some infos. https://labs.ig.com/rest-trading-api-reference/service-detail?id=539 I think there is also a video online concerning this topic. You should find it searching the forum.
  15. Anybody with an IG account and basic programming knowledge can do so. The client sentiment is easy to retrieve via the API. So you can program your own little tool to show all the sentiments you want to see, rank them or do whatever you desire.
  16. Google finance stopped working some time ago but yahoo finance still works (at least for EOD). Alpha Vantage has also free intraday data.
  17. If you want to avoid overnight fees you should look at IG's "futures". They have a little bit wider spread but you can hold them until maturity without paying anything at all.
  18. People complain so often about "stop hunting" but I don't see this happening with IG. Of course I also experienced that trades went against me and just after they touched my SL they took off in the opposite direction but often I also experienced that I was extremely lucky that a limit-order for take profit was executed though price traded only for a second at that level or that price turned around just 1-2 pips before my SL was hit. If one mistrusts IG to handle the orders correctly one should stop trading CFDs and start trading real futures (for example) at the stock market. I personally do both. I have an account with IG and a second account at another broker when I want my order to be routed to an exchange. In some situations I prefer the first in other the second. Just take what is right for your need. One doesn't eat a soup with a fork...
  19. I trade mainly futures automated through IG's API. Trading shares through the API is not so good since you can't even get a quote. 😞
  20. Ok, so it is like I was thinking. Thanks for the confirmation. And no, I have never used DMA for options.
  21. I was recently thinking about market impact when trading with IG and came to the conclusion that there probably is not any since our orders are never routed to an exchange but we are trading always against IG. Also trading volumes don't have the same importance in comparison to trading on a real exchange since IG is always taking the other side of a trade. So one gets always filled even when this would not have happened on an exchange. Here I'm thinking for example about mini futures contracts. Those can have really nasty slippage because of low volume when trading on an exchange but that should not be the case when trading against IG. Can someone confirm that I'm thinking correctly.
  22. This is what you can get from IG: Resolution Days 1 Sec 4 1 Min 40 2 Min 40 3 Min 40 5 Min 360 10 Min 360 15 Min 360 30 Min 360 1 Hour 360 2 Hour 360 3 Hour 360 4 Hour 360 1 Day 15 years Then there are limits how much you can download per week and so on. I recommend saving data you downloaded so you slip downloading the same data again and again since this will fill your weekly allowance in a blink.
  23. I use matlab with IG's API and run several strategies fully automated. Works great for me. I also have an account and run automated strategies with Interactive Brokers (since you mention TWS). If you are used to work with the IB API through the TWS you will find working with IG's web API a piece of cake.
  24. I trade only automated and can tell you that this is a lot of work. I spend countless hours programming, developing, testing and constantly debugging my robots. If you think you can just download a robot, press RUN and earn a lot of money you will most likely end up losing it.