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  1. Realised it might be better to screen-grab the entire trading window so that time and price can be seen on the axis.
  2. Hi, I'm day-trading equities on the UK market for about a year and a quarter now. As I never made any consistent profits with that, I recently started focusing on the FTSE 100 index solely and would like to discuss my (and others) daily trades on the index in this tread. Hoping to find some likeminded traders also trading the FTSE 100 index. Shout, if you are one of them! Before I start in, briefly my trading strategy on the index: (Not sure if this is according to TrendFollowers definition a trading plan, a trading strategy or a trading system or a mixture of all?) - The
  3. First of all I'd like to say that I absolutely love this thread! Thanks to dmedin, nit2wynit, and obviously caseynotes for this elaborated discussion. I read a few pages like a few months back until I logged into the forum yesterday night and couldn't believe my eyes that the tread is still going! Love it guys. To add my 2 cents to this discussion: Similar to nit2wynit, I also discovered Ross from Warrior Trading about a year and a half ago and thought, that doesn't sound that hard and I'm a smart guy, surely I can do this as well. So after watching a few of his youtube videos
  4. Such a joke - below the email I have received 2 days ago. What does evolving political and regulatory landscape surrounding recreational cannabis-related securities even mean? Surely regulations are being weakened everywhere around the world right now and not tightened, so unsure why IG went with this decision. Does anyone else have any further details on this? Can anyone recommend a good broker to specifically invest in Cannabis stocks? We no longer offer share dealing on recreational cannabis stocks Due to the evolving political
  5. Thanks @TrendFollower I will ask my credit card issuer, however, they are likely going to want to know the MCC of the merchant. Will give it a try anyway. Will update here once I know more Is there anyone who has ever tried funding their IG account with a credit card and can report if there were any additional charges? Dan
  6. Hi, does anyone know IG's merchant category code (MCC) ? If I fund my account (spread betting or ISA) with my credit card, does the credit card provider classify this as a cash advance or a purchase? Best Dan
  7. Agree, interesting topic. Just received this in my inbox from the Motley Fool UK: https://www.fool.co.uk/order/nm1211192018mmuk-nb Anyone got any insights into what the TOP 6 marijuana “Buy” recommendations could be? I'm guessing those candidates are somewhere amongst them: Aurora Cannabis Inc - US Canopy Growth Corporation (US) Cronos Group Inc - US Aphria Inc (US) Dan
  8. Hi Cryptotrader, so in the USA the brokers seem to show data during the night all the way until the market re-opens again. So you already know where the stock will open before it actually opens. Where IG stops showing any data and starts again the next morning at 8am and all you see is a big gap, but no information about per market highs and lows, etc Is this a thing only in the US or also possible at the LSE? How do you identify an overnight gapper before the market opens in the UK?
  9. Thanks WillA Are there any other tools or websites available which show pre-market data? I tried to find an answer on the internet today, but it seems like nobody is providing pre-market data for the London Stock Exchange. Is this maybe not supported at all as it is common in the US stock markets? Does anybody know if you sign-up in IG for the Level 2 data access if you get pre-market data? (Level 2 access: provides a live price feed and extensive market depth, where applicable) How do people trade gap strategies in the UK? Best Dan
  10. Solved it. Have changed my default account to my ISA, apparently, the API stops working then. Changed it back to my Spreadbet account and all good. Dan
  11. Currently getting this error with the REST API. Anyone else experiencing the same? Anyone know what's broken? Dan
  12. Thanks Caseynotes Is this L2 Trading Platform usable for spread betting accounts though as it says on the page you've linked "open a CFD or share dealing account with IG"?
  13. Hi, I'm using ProRealTime with my IG Spreadbetting account and am wondering if it is possible to get access to Level 2 data? It seems ProRealTime generally has a functionality to display the data (called the order book: https://www.prorealtime.com/en/help-manual/display-order-book) however the data stream seems to show past transactions per price level, but not active orders. Best Dan
  14. Hi, I'm using ProRealTime with my IG Spreadbetting account and am wondering if there is any chance to access Pre Market data for UK shares? e.g. can I run a screener showing me the biggest gappers before the market actually opens? Best Dan
  15. Ahhrg, glad someone else has the same problem. I was breaking my head over my code today. Yesterday morning everything worked just fine, then this morning nothing returned properly... When will this be fixed please?
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