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  1. My royal dutch shell dividend has been removed via CONTRA divi now as well. Thanks IG 😁
  2. Now I have received my BP Dividend, but the CONTRA BP Dividend still remains, so essentially I come out at 0 What is going on @CharlotteIG?
  3. I just had this happened yesterday, but not with Royal Dutch Shell, but with BP. But Royal Dutch Shell I seemed to have recieved the same dividend again, as I already received on 17/12. IG never stops surprising lol - how weird is that
  4. you can just pull this yourself via the API - that is if you know how
  5. Isn't this the old roulette "strategy" where you bet on red or black. Bet $1, lose $1. Bet $2, lose $2. Total Loss: $3 Bet $4, lose $4. Total Loss: $7 .... Bet $256, Lose $256. Total Loss: $511 Bet $512. Win $512. Total Win: $1 Works 100%, except when it doesn't and red comes out 50 times in a row, whilst you are on black
  6. I'm not so good with C# Are you using the IG API datafeed or something else entirely? I've built a few VBA applications using the IG API - didn't help me turning over a profit though
  7. Would it not make more sense and be much quicker if you backtest this, instead of forward testing? Who wants to wait til June 2021 to see the outcome ha And with backtesting you could easily go back to the 1950s, not just do 1 year I like what @jlz is doing there - what platform/tool you using for backtesting?
  8. Hey, who said we're buddies I'm just somehow seem to slip through the net of insults, probably cause I'm just popping into the forum once every couple of months, then going back undercover - doing the actual work lol
  9. Anyway, I think my decision is made. 1) Going back to UK market. Two reasons: a) More familiar with the market as I'm also an investor in the UK, so I roughly follow what's going on with the general market sentiment b) Daylight saving time is coming soon, meaning US market open is here where I live at 10.30pm at night (back one hour from 9.30pm). While trading from 9.30-10.30pm is reasonable, trading from 10.30-11.30pm is quite a stretch. While UK market open is around 3pm/4pm (with DST) which seems a better time 2) Identifying tickers with the following fundamentals -
  10. Yep, something similar worked for me earlier this year in May/June. I was entering only 25% of my full position first, then added another 25% on the next signal and so on until being fully invested. What I also did was, every time I added another 25%, I moved the stop closer to my entry as well as the profit target. So for example first entry at 400, stop at 600, target at 200. (Short) Then second entry at e.g. 450, reducing stop to 500, target to 300. Third entry at 400 (when it is going down again), stop now at 466, target at 333. Last entry at let's say again 400, stop now a
  11. And last one for today: Fresnillo PE: 74 Book-to-Market: 4x Up 100% YTD High of the current Move: 1379 Current Price: 1343 Target Price: 1000 Trade Entry on the break of the Flag which is currently building Stop: 1407 (above the high of the current move) Target: 1010 Risk-Reward: 1:4 What do you think?
  12. The good thing is, with trades like this you only really need 1 to play out over 2 months and you already got your 50% account growth avg per month. Problem is, how to protect yourself from losers, but in theory I would move my stop-loss to break-even as soon as it trades outside my entry range.
  13. Another example: BATM Advanced Communications Fundamentals: PE Ratio: 162 Book-to-Market: 5x Up 213% YTD Fundamentals indicate this is about to go down Technicals already showing signs of a downwards pattern, making lower lows and lower highs Current Price: 116 High of the current move: 150.75 High of the latest push-up: 138.5 Target Price: 85 (former low, around 200EMA on the daily) Trade Go short on break of current flag it is forming Size: 35 (£1000 margin) Stop: 143 (above latest high) Target: 85
  14. Let's take AO World for example. IG let's you go short there for now, so that barrier is removed. Fundamentals: - Not profitable - Trading on 18 times book value - Up 240% YTD Fundamentals indicating this is heading downwards rather soon, we just don't know when yet Current Price: 300 Target Price: 150 All time high was when they floated in 2014: 413.5 With a £1000 account you can go short 12 per point. So what would be the trade here now? Option 1 Go short straight away with full size. Stop 425 (above all time high)
  15. So let's break down what our options are here lads, ey (How Billy Butcher would say it - who else watched the show? ) 100% Technical Pros - Immediate results, cause the entry happens when the move happens - Risk can be reduced by not holding any positions over-night Cons - Difficult to consistently pull off, cause of lots of false/misleading/contrary signals - Trades may hit stop before playing out - Missing opportunities due to lack of speed on the entry (By the time you see the signal and get ready to enter/work out risk, target, entry siz
  16. In regards to funds, I agree. They won't be able to do 50% returns every month, not even close, because of a) they have way too much capital. You can't pull off any momentum trading strategies if you manage $100m+ funds b) Restrictions set by the industry as mentioned by others above c) Also they need to adhere to certain risk limiting factors. They can't just dump their $100m fund into one ticker one morning (even if it was possible from a volume perspective) to ride some upwards momentum, then get all out back in cash by 10am. The fund manager would get sacked by 12 noon if h
  17. Yes, those guys Anton Kreil and his gang are great. All ex-pro trades at Goldman's etc They are doing 80% fundamentals, 20% technical trading style if I'm not mistaken. Everyone who says they are a scam just doesn't understand anything about the industry. Period. They are indeed one of main the reason, I'm thinking of trying the fundamental based trading system rather than looking 100% at technicals.
  18. Makes a lot of sense. That's how he funds his trading account which he constantly blows up We got you dmedin, we finally got you 😎
  19. Nope, not quite yet. That's the thing which is putting me off from even looking at it. Surely I could research now 10 companies, which in theory are massively overvalued. But only because they go bankrupt eventually, doesn't mean I can contain a short position over an extended period of time, esp. not when the price spikes up for literally no fundamental reason at all Currently, thinking of going back to indices. Did a bit of trading indices last year in Jun-Sep or so, until @nit2wynitconvinced me to go back to equities
  20. Love how you comment on your own comments dmedin True passion there
  21. Yes, it's possible. That's called private equity. If you have at least 50k to invest, then you can participate in so called Seed rounds, where private companies sell shares to private as well as institutional investors (so called VC, Venture Capitalists). Once a firm has exhausted all their seed rounds, they typically do a Series A fund raising (and Series B/C), where they raise a few million $ before the big IPO, where you typically raise north of $100 million up to several billion $. Easier option is to go directly to a Venture Capitalist firm, give them your money and tell th
  22. In my trading career I've done Forex, UK Equities, Indices and at the moment on US Equities. What's left is Crypto and Options (as far as I'm aware). Not sure what to focus on next... I'm thinking either keep doing the US Equities just with yet another strategy. (Just which one?) Or going back to Indices, maybe I've learned something in US Equities which might help me there. Or try the fundamental trading on UK Equities. Not sure about Crypto and Options tbh. Anyone any good experience with that?
  23. Guess that depends when you start with your 3-year-period I would expect something between roughly -30% and +30%. Then the problem is, where you get those £500 a month from? Don't tell me I have to get a job first in order to do that The goal should still be to make roughly 50% per month. 100k account, 50k profits. That's the gold discipline we're all aiming for
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