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  1. Sounds like a stalling tactic JamesIG, the ISA and Share Dealing sites are rough, old and not fun to use. You need to get it transferred in the same stye as the SB account. I do wonder if there is anything happening at all on the ISA/Share dealing side given that its such a small part of the IG Business?
  2. Can you fix the Directional Movement to show a fixed level and then to highlight either side?? Thanks
  3. Hi James. Good to hear just hope is doesn't take for ever and day to go live 😉
  4. Is there any reason when you view the 'Positions' in the App it can't also show the % Change as it is dopes on the WWW? Thanks
  5. Thanks JamesIG, quick question when you say you're "building the share share platform from the ground up" can you confirm if IG have actually started the build or is still in the planning phase.