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  1. I am currently looking at Swedbank AB stock, which has a margin of 10%. The current share price is at 140 SEK. D = n x C x i / 365 n=amount of stocks, c=closing price i=market rate +-2.5% is the formula that IG uses, with 360 being the divisor for markets that are not British, South African or Singaporian. So if wanted to loan a 1000 shares, the daily interest would be; 1000*140*2.5%-(0.5%*)/360= 7.78 SEK/day? Is my calculation correct, or am I wrong when it comes to the market rate? Is it STIBOR I should use, the 12 month or how do you calculate this exactly?
  2. Yes, I found their excel-spreadsheet marking which stocks are possible to short and those not. However I still don't get why I sometimes get "order rejected" on stocks that are both longable and shortable. Any ideas?
  3. I've been seeing this whilst trying to go short on certain stocks but I haven't been able to figure out why this message pops up? It usually happens with stocks that already have a high amount of short-interest on them. But even if that is the case, why is IG not letting one short these stocks?
  4. The old platform had an option to display everything in terms of points/ticks when looking at the P&L, and the new one only has monetary values. Is there a way to change this so it only reflects ticks/points?
  5. I am not following. Is the volume of SP500 CFDs reflective of the underlying futures volumes or not? Likewise for other assets such as crude e.g. It is confusing.
  6. If one enables the volume tool, does it show the amount of underlying contracts traded in the futures market that the CFD resembles?
  7. I did, but is such a massive miss that I am surprised that IG hasn't noticed this.
  8. https://imgur.com/a/enKklsE After uploading the identity documents, no option exists to upload a utility bill.
  9. https://imgur.com/a/jrVrcY3 Exactly where does one do that in the online-platform? It seems extremely illogical that I can upload my identity documents and no utility bill at my account login. A very strange system in place.
  10. I took a quick short in wheat on Monday I believe. I did purely out of fundamental reasons as the USDA reported a larger harvest. Quickly exited the trade though as I couldn't see anymore down-movement.
  11. FX-markets are manipulated on daily basis via stop-hunting. Institutions drive prices higher or lower depending on how much orders they need to fill for their own needs as the magnitude of the contracts they possess or need to acquire is too large, and the bigger chunks are around certain price levels. So institutional traders do manipulate them daily due to their large volume. A friend of mine sits at the AEX directly, and could move crude-oil with 5-7 contracts and make it move 3-4 ticks. Eventually they threatened him with calling the SEC etc. The bigger boys seldomly experience these type of repercussions.
  12. Reminds me of Soros theory of reflexivity.
  13. Could you please elaborate?
  14. I got hurt by it today, but reversed it and shorted it. Found 0 fundamental news as to why it dropped (when it was happening, now it's a different story*). I'll be more careful trading markets that I know very little off. Incredible that a Norweigan trader got wiped out apparently.