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  1. ASIC’s product intervention order will be live on From 29 March 2021
  2. Wow ok, I feel that was a bit too heavy handed but the negative balance protection will be good for times like the swiss franc shock a few years back, and oil crashing this year. I wonder if brokers will put trading fees up to compensate.
  3. Ok so today the price is displaying as normal.However my ipad IG app wont log in with a forever spinning circle.
  4. On the native IG charts as of this morning the price is saying its pre market open is at $60.40,but only on a daily chart. On weekly and hourly the price is correct at about $206. Can anyone else see this?
  5. This happens to me too and I find refreshing the browser session makes the stop move to the right place.
  6. Yes your cost of trading is not being covered by the small profits you are making.
  7. you get a whip I get a saw one good trend pays for them all..
  8. @dmedinTA is useless ..You need to study and feel whats happening when you look at a price chart. Then do the opposite. Remember players are being played.