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  1. elle


  2. Well I guess we all have the ones we like, but which ones are they? Here's an example
  3. elle

    FTSE 100

    any longs now have an overhead zone to get through. For a long , I would prefer price to be above that previous demand zone
  4. elle

    EURUSD Trade

    job done , what next
  5. elle


    DAX chart
  6. elle


    Watching for potential channel break
  7. elle


    oh look at this
  8. elle


    DJIA update of earlier chart
  9. elle

    GBPUSD retrace trade

    maybe there's more in this one
  10. elle


    I've often found the US Markets like to put in highs & lows during it's own session. Well we've taken out the high, surely the low is unthinkable, or is it ? ( excuse the "squashed up" chart )
  11. elle

    FTSE 100

    update of an earlier chart