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  1. elle

    GBPUSD retrace trade

    Brexit uncertainty & now maybe the "48 letters" - this has the potential to fall a lot further
  2. elle

    ESMA Fail

    it's a joke. Fixed odds betting terminals, lottery scratchcards online bingo & casino etc. - nothing .. but leveraged trading gets hit.
  3. elle


    Fib Levels - Do they work ? So what next?
  4. elle

    Christmas Rally 2018 thread WIP

    Santa Rally ! not happening yet
  5. elle


    oops ! Sorry. Price bounced off the Black Friday lows. Last chart is a tick chart showing how useful MAs are
  6. PRT allows as many as you want here's two BBs on one chart for example
  7. elle


    what goes up, comes down !!!
  8. elle


  9. elle


    BOOM Haha
  10. elle

    Traders sentiments

  11. elle

    Traders sentiments

    something like this maybe ?
  12. elle

    Bitcoin's in Trouble

    Can I stop using the word "Lower" yet #askingforafriend
  13. elle


    The false break was too far from the short term SMA - the second had it as support . Unless there's a shock out of the G20 this looks good to go