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  1. Volatility says it all.......Pulls back to .618 % and bounces . It says we ll retry 78% Vol......so its going to get rough ladies.
  2. Enough for a Mcflurry + sprinkles....If it were open...
  3. I believe we had a B bottom at DJ 18200. This set up an ABC correction , so pull back to DJ 21500 was the C leg.......I think we ll see a REAL sell off, after this bear squeeze.......Then Buy at the bottom of the trombone around DJ 18000
  4. I ve made money trading Oz $ long and short........ So one or both must be true: 1. The end of the world is NIGH ..... and or..... 2. I ve totally lost the plot and need to be ISOLATED far away from real people....😕💀
  5. I see the film of empty streets in big cities.....My local town....I have nt seen it busier....Like Xmas eve....the place was heaving.....Aldi was stowed out...
  6. I thought you guys/folk might be interested in a Genuine Island top: This is the UK LONG Guilt.......You do nt often see it....only in text books....
  7. Its been unfathomable ****.....to say the least....Genuine value utterly destroyed, all sense of value gone....... Oil down 23% in one day !!!!!! Cable down to a 35 year low.....I remember $1.14 when I was in the dealing room !!!! (in 1986).....I thought I was safe trading €£ but that shifted 3 % in a day . Everythiing was sold as traders had to liquidate to cover margin calls...Copper etc particularly but treasuries too.....78% for volatitity !! The difference between now and 1987 was that 1987 it was real traders....Yes with fear in the eyes but there was nt programme trading......There were queues for the FAX machine to put orders in to sell ( or buy)....
  8. I think D J will retest the bottom fairly soon....Seems to be a short squeeze that s running out of steam tbh
  9. Which bit of ' I m not getting involved on a Friday ...did I not understand' ....f##k 😓 😠 🙉
  10. I ca nt believe thats all the democrats can come up with.....2 70+ year old men, none of them, up to it....They wo nt beat D T .... The democrats have nt got the nadgers to show a new face ....so they will never win.... I thought Pete..... was quite good and intelligent and had his wits about him.....But he s gay so he had no chance.!
  11. If you are fed up chasing the INDX s may I recommend £/€ ......Strong likelihood that 8940 is the top of the bounce off the 8180 Boris bounce drop, Nice Fib correction and good upside/downside......Sell here with stops above 9050. but look for a drop back to 82 p as Italy goes **** up ...
  12. D J BIG PICTURE I THINK ?? 😕 The blue coloured ABC is the big Correction....We are in the green ABC....related to the 2018 high....So we have a big 5 wave up swing to come.....To hit new highs and the top of my trombone......
  13. I was buying D J late last night around 20600 as I believe that it has done a 1.618% correction of the up trend.....Going back to my posts in january.....I believed all that buying in January /Feb up to 29500 was the B wave......It is ALL related to the Jan 2018 reaction high, THAT was the TRUE high. What we have had (despite being totally real ) was actually an A B C correction to the 2008 bull run. I think we are finishing wave C of that correction.....being 1.618 x as long as the A wave that took us there. I m exhausted. i ve been trading at midnight and 5.30 am for the last few days.....Been stopped out a few times trying to find the bottom of this , but my calculations were the correction should stop at DJ 20670 (hit 20400) and FTSE 5170...(stopped at 5196). Some big player is manipulating the US market straight after the close.....it was 50 points wide , and when Tokyo re-opened....it gaped up 200 points......I feel sorry for any one stopped out of a long DJ there as the market was nt real at all.....Thats why I do nt use stops anymore..... I think right now we re in a another little abc ...that will probably retest the lows........Its a Friday.......i ve made enough today for a McFlurry with sprinkles so its also 13 th !!!! so ......to quote dragons den .....i m out except for eur/£😇
  14. Its sitting at 15 bp right now 12.45 pm....spot. You never used to be so wide...It was always 6 bp....With an entry of £15 min ( which I totally understand) it means £22,50 min as i write, ?
  15. Charlotte....why is it that Wheat spread has widened out so much recently...evn when the market is quiet it can be double the normal 6 bp out to 12 bp s which makes it impossible to day trade or evn week trade !
  16. Cable on an upswing . Objective top of its channel $ 1.31 ? May be break for $ 1.35 .
  17. Bonnie Scotland Tavish
  18. I m concentrating on £ both aginst $ and € , coming to a head ....Interesting that the market has sold off £ despite the fact that the UK will probably not cut rates...Housing market strength (so far) and PMI s picking up on the Boris bounce.....They re selling £ ( in case ) the talks go badly with EU....but we wo nt know that for months,....and most trades last a week tops. I m bullish for a £ bounce, but waiting for 8760-90p € area and $1,27 . INDX s I think we re in for another drop,,,, but I ll wait to see what comes out in the wash.
  19. Got the rally in Apple and the INDX s , made a few bob,,...But the sell off last night,,,,disappointment and Fed has fired its last shot has spooked everyone,. TB took off. But at the moment I m staying out of it,,,,Is a 10% drop in INDX s enough ? Is this just a temporary base before we re-visit the August lows,,,,,The disruption to 'real life' could be economically disastrous . I m self employed ( in real life too!) ........ So is this area of support a real base ??? If real life shuts down in London Paris and NY ....will the markets be so sanguine ???? I do nt know ?
  20. **** has nothing to do with it.. He bought Apple before it was Apple and IBM before the wheel...
  21. £/ € in interesting rally. I believe its a good level to get short of euros i.e looking to buy £. I think its an ABC completing a correction off the o/bought 82 pence level. It has an impact on FTSE .....in inverse proportion. I still fancy FTSE off 6450 level as being C leg of an ABC correction..... I m buying £ , FTSE and OIL ...BUT I M CHURNING MY POSITION......Always long these items , but sell out and re-stock......
  22. T Bonds .... I thinjk we ll have a final sharp spike up into 20900/21000 on the futures which will equate to around 1.65|% for 30 year $$$$ ! That could be the final final nail in everyones coffin..... If the fed cuts rates I think T B s are a sell....With inflation at 2.1 cpi it gives 50 bp negative rates...... Which is actually supportive of equities.....
  23. Being a friday afternnon and heading into the week end I d expect one last push lower as final sellers sell. Early monday may be a good time to re-establish a little long.....The RSI s are so over sold......BUt we may just track sideways, which will cause RSI s to bounce.... I have a theory based on one of my January posts that this is merely a very nasty correction and goes back to the 2008 peak..... Meantime....DJ 24600 or so......FTSE I fancy from about 6450 being 1.618% extension of the ABC . Apple...What can I say.....Bottom of channel comes in around $260, I m holding for the summer time....
  24. Oh #### . I just wonder how much of this was started by it being the end of the month ? D J .618% at around 24540
  25. Shorts will start buying....Big hedge funds are plenty plenty short and the Saudis are going to turn the taps off...