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  1. Thanks for your reply. Wanted to keep it on this platform ideally, will look a little further, appreciate the information.
  2. Couldn't care if he is or not, been very helpful over the years. Good to be skeptical but in the right situation.
  3. Since Live chat is turned off at the moment, I thought to post here. Can anyone please tell me, for example, how I would go about viewing 2002 GBPUSD data? I've read a little about downloading data or third party software.
  4. What is it that you don't understand? This way you can specify the value of a point and size your position appropriately from the ticket.
  5. Simply use demo to gain reassurance of a strategy, how to use a platform and gain reassurance of market behavior. Sure some doubt may creep in to your mind but following a trading plan and being consistent isn't that difficult once you have seen your strategy play out. Doubt creeps in to my mind when I'm buying a pasty. I've personally never had issues with account balance or margin.