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  1. Don’t want to speak too soon, but problem seems to have been fixed…..! Well-done! I’ll ne back if crashes again 🙂
  2. So, the IEA report has now been released, highlighting the slowdown in oil demand and Russian supplies mainly holding up. My prediction is that week will start with dip in oil price (depending on how seriously people take these IEA reports - does anyone know how much markets are influenced by IEA?)
  3. Hi Molly, happy to help if you have any Q's. Have you done any trading before? Do you like risk or do you prefer safe/dependable trades? Have you read any books or done much demo account trading?
  4. Haha. I was on the app for about 30 secs and was beginning to think all fixed! Then crashed again 🤷‍♂️
  5. Do all of you use iPhones? I'm wondering if could be something to do with the recent IOS update...?
  6. Thanks 786, I reckon your scenario is pretty sound. I agree that ultimately prices will continue down. What I'm less confident about is whether there'll be a second peak or not before that. The oil price-action now is not far off some very strong support on the daily / weekly chart (although, admittedly, last time I looked RSI indicating not oversold yet), so if it shoots back up I reckon it will be soon. Thanks for highlighting the victory day thing, as you say - big potential for a price shock if Putin goes Full **** and declares war on the West. Personally I reckon China covid policy will loosen (although it may not be soon), if only because their zero covid policy will quite quickly contain the virus, as it did during the first wave. It will only take one headline about a fall in covid rates to change sentiment and make the price drop down for a few days...
  7. Thanks Mongi! That was a mega-quick response.
  8. I agree - oil bull-run not done. Only thing holding it back is Covid lock-down in China - and sentiment about that is about as bad as it can be at the moment. I think any loosening of covid restrictions over there will lead to big oil price rebound as so many other factors pushing oil up (Russia/Ukraine , likelihood of EU ban on Russian Oil imports, OPEC + not playing the Wests game! etc etc... May bounce higher than before, then demand destruction will kick in around $160-180 per barrel, then will come crashing down again! Always the same with volatile commodities...
  9. Same. My trade analytics profits are always less than my real profits (i.e the one the you can see in the IG statement that gets sent every evening). Spoken to helpline before about this and they have told me trade analytics screen unreliable! Don't know why this should be. Shame cos it looks like a really neat tool, but limited use if not displaying accurate profits/losses!
  10. Hi Matt. Yes - I just posted similar question before seeing yours. I've also exhausted all the helpline ideas. I do most of my trading on mobile as I use v short time frames, which gives me successful trading results - can't be tied to a lap-top / PC all day. Difficult to believe that such a massive issue hasn't been sorted out yet.. As I said in my post, I like IG platform but I'll have to bail out and find a different provider with (hopefully) a more reliable mobile app so I can continue trading the way I trade. If there is a IG staff reading this, please do all you can to escalate this as you will lose loyal clients and your loyal clients will lose money if they have to sell-up their working positions in order to switch provider.
  11. IG mobile app crashes after a few seconds whenever I look at charts. Tried everything the helpline said - deleting / re-installing etc. They said it's a known problem and the new version in the App Store was supposed to fix this but it didn't. Anyone else having these problems? I use mobile for most of my trading! I like IG and the platform and I've made a lot of money on it so want to stay, but if this doesn't get sorted I see no alternative but to use a different provider and hope for better..
  12. Well, you made 50% return in 2 weeks, so prob luck, as you can’t really win that much so quickly with a sensible trading strategy. When you start in trading you WILL lose money. You’re a mature trader only when you’ve made back all you lost learning the ropes! Then the real profits start building up. Don’t be put off though, persistence pays off and if your account survives you’ll eventually become consistently profitable. It should take you at least six months to make a 50% rate of return.
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