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  1. It's a hardware wallet. The Ledger wallets are also a fine choice.
  2. My FX tab in the news panel now reads: "News is unavailable at this time. Please try again later."
  3. Just a +1 from me. No news feeds in the FX tab since the 24th and only one new headline yesterday. Reuters videos seem to be functional though.
  4. My own requests: IG videos that are in their own "window", don't obstruct the platform view, and can be resized like other elements. We had this at one point, they showed up in the notifications pane and now they're gone. I asked support if they'd come back and was told there's no plans to bring it back. This would be nice for reuters videos as well. An economic calendar inside the trading platform, not one that opens to a new site. The ability to change font sizes on news overlays. Echoing other requests: Backtesting feature like TradingVi
  5. Add a +1 from me! TradingView support would be phenomenal.
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