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Reduced minimum bet sizes



I just wanted to update all Community members to let them know that we have recently reduced the minimum bet sizes on some key indices, commodities, and FX markets. This has been done for both UK spread betting accounts and European CFD accounts. 

What are the minimum bet sizes for indices, commodities and FX on IG?
Correct as of 6th September 2018 but subject to change

2018-09-06 13_49_13-Book2 - Excel.png


Continued feedback

A key aim of Community is to keep a two way dialogue open between our client base and those on our trading services support team, core dealing and developer teams. The decision to reduce minimum bet sizes across these markets has in part been due to feedback received from a number of our clients and those on Community. A big thank you to those who have shared their thoughts on this over the last few weeks. 

Please feel free to continue to add feedback and suggestions on Community at any point. If you have any feedback on this specific change please feel free to add it below. 

All the best
IG Community moderator team

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Guest SMTTrading


The reduced (minimum bet sizes) only available on live accounts?

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Guest SMTTrading


@Caseynotes Thanks for that... Weirdly though, even on a demo unable to trade 0.5 on EURUSD  or others that are mentioned in the list....hmmmm.

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This is great, it would be better if we could get 25p on the Dax Germany 30

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oh right I didn't realise this, where is the info on the mt4 platform? Thanks

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4 minutes ago, Caseynotes said:

Hi @adrazz,  you can go as low as 10p if you are using the MT4 platform.

I found the info, thanks for your help ;)

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Are there any plans to apply these changes to the Demo accounts? Currently they're all 0.5/pt which differs from live (for example Wall St is 0.25 on live, 0.5 on demo). It would be nice to be able to practice on the demo account with the same values as live.

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