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Hi All,

I thought I would publish my view and analysis of the EURUSD Market - I'll post new analysis of a weekend in the replies section below

I've watched, Invested and traded the markets for the past 25 years and specifically traded the markets for the past 10 years

The focus will be the EURUSD paring - Although I do trade other parings 

Details are on the chart - This is what I type on my charts every weekend so that I can form a logical and quick outlook for the trading week ahead

At present I will not be revealing the blurred out information

I take view from Monthly (not shown here) down to Daily chart time-frame - My view is that the DAILY price action drives WEEKLY price action and that in turn results in the MONTHLY price action being formed.  So my entire outlook and focus is based on the DAILY followed by the WEEKLY price charts based on Technical Analysis 

I do NOT religiously stick to my thinking - If PRICE action rubbishes my outlook then I adapt to price action and form a new opinion based on the facts of price action - PRICE is right and rules, my outlook is highly accurate but not 100%, there will be times when I am simply wrong!

I do this for the FTSE250, NASDAQ100 and Forex markets - Trading decisions are made based on the Individual charts (WEEKLY & DAILY) that form those indexes 

EURUSD WEEKLY CHART: Analysis for W/C 4th May 2020


EURUSD DAILY CHART: Analysis for W/C 4th May 2020


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On 03/06/2020 at 18:09, dmedin said:

Here's my analysis for this week, good luck (and I shan't be revealing the blurred out information)


🙂 I am sure that is an Elliott wave bat, or giraffe or something

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