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Can't trade Snowflake. No JFrog. Disappointed.


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On IG's own website, it talks about the hottest upcoming IPOs: (https://www.ig.com/au/news-and-trade-ideas/3-must-watch-ipos-that-aren-t-snowflake-200914)

Well, now it's crunch time. The NYSE and NASDAQ are open for trade. Snowflake and JFrog should be trading. Snowflake is listed, but we can't trade on it (it says call IG to trade). And JFrog, well, it's not even listed.

This is despite me calling helpdesk twice this week and asking for the stocks to be listed, emailing helpdesk and asking for the stocks to be listed, tweeting IG and asking for the stocks to be listed, writing here in IG Community and asking for the stocks to be listed. Despite the fact that Snowflake is the largest tech IPO in history.

I don't get it. I thought IG was meant to be one of the big online brokers. Why doesn't this stuff just happen, on time, and simply work properly. @CharlotteIG Any insights into what is happening?

Disappointed, to say the least.

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Thanks @CharlotteIG. I figured that out on the NYSE site. I think the thing that bugged me the most was every time I contacted IG - either through livechat, phone or email - not one person could tell me if either IPO would be listed. In fact, I was told by the person on livechat that no, IG would not be listing either IPO to trade.

Seems to me that there's an internal comms breakdown. It's hard to find information from IG, or find consistent information. I've had a few great experiences from the helpdesk - actually, brilliant experiences - but the majority seem to be scrambling for info or just flat out don't know.

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