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Stop Loss keeps being deleted after moving



On multiple occasions, after I have moved my stop loss towards the price to achieve breakeven or lock in some profit, the IG platform publishes the acceptance notification and then subsequently deletes the stop loss altogether... not just move it to a previously established position, but remove it all together!

Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Is it an known issue? Has it been raised with technical support and is there anything being done about it?  

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I've experienced this for years. I've even recorded my screen to show the problem. I have lost money, as you can imagine.

Recently, the problem is worse; you can set a stop at open, check your position and it's set, and then several minutes later, go back and it's gone..!

I have never had a response from IG.

I used to build trading systems very similar to IG's and I'd consider this a CRITICAL bug in the app. I have used different browsers and more recently I use a Macbook, so it's a bug in their JavaScript.

I should really leave IG, it's way, way too dangerous to keep trading, but I just have not got around to it.

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I find it happens more frequently if you move a limit order through a stop.

For example, If I trade with no limit order in place, and with a trailing stop loss. If I then decide to stop following with the stop, and place a limit order at target, the act of dragging the limit through the stop position, deletes the stop and it has to be reset.

However, this is not the only time it happens. It appears to just happen randomly 

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I've experienced this on many occasions over 3 years.  I believe it has to do with the Market moving erratically but not being directly seen on the chart.  It usually stays put eventually after a moment or two.  

Same kind of limitation when moving the Limit line.  It will only allow you to move it so far.  Not really sure of why this is thoiugh.  It just says 'Limit too far....'

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