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  1. hey, IG on twitter support usually reply quick, not sure many support members scroll these forums, I could be wrong, maybe try twitter concurrently whilst waiting.
  2. I'm having the same problem, and it's not weekend charts, weekend charts usually leave huge weekly gaps, I'm missing lots of data, trading at this point isn't visible.
  3. I'm the same, just make it part of your strategy to double check your stop is in place after editing your order, things like this should be 1st in place to be fixed.
  4. guys, the candles are appearing twice over lapped on weekly and daily on indices, and the time frames have changed. On trading view the 4 hour candles appear at 9am, IG used to be 8am, is this the new normal now for IG? candles appearing 1 hour ahead, thank you. PSA daily candles glitching across indices.
  5. Thanks for looking into it, I'm trading on the open (demo only atm) when the 4 hour appears and using it like normal, I can say it's not been easy, I think there's confusion amongst traders across the board, paper trading only until the situation is fixed, it's like they haven't updated the time on the system, the monthly candle is showing bullish and bearish colours contained within one candle, never seen that before. Usually the tech team update after the bell closes on Friday nights, they often reply quick on twitter, lets hope its fixed for Monday, thanks. @Helpdesk
  6. I have been using the 4 hour charts since the US time change days ago, now the UK time charts are not in sync with the brokers 4 hr candles, possibly a glitch? @Helpdesk anything? thanks.
  7. 1000% agree with the idiots on YouTube, my advice would be to ignore everyone and everything you hear, that includes the news, its all herd following and fake news, Ignore it all, and trust you and your hard earned hours in-front of your preferred candle charts, once you learn your way, and look back at those YouTube videos, you can clearly see they have no idea what they're doing, just trying to sell a course (easy option) the course will be designed so you fail it, whilst they take your money. If its too good to be true, then its probably a scam, anyone who says you can get rich quick from trading is talking shite. Just hit them YouTubers comment section and show them up stay safe traders.
  8. Guys n Gals, anyone creating/know a discord group we can join and live stream our trading together? discuss tactics etc, and provide mutual support, I know trading alone can be hard on our minds, sharing is caring.
  9. Hey guys, is the platform down for maintenance again? or is mine broken 😅
  10. Guys please fix the bugs within the demo platforms, the candles are gapping on lower time frames, and taking ages to load other charts, and just isn't running smoothly at all.
  11. I'm having the same issues mate, since 2am, my ISP is SKY what's yours?
  12. I think it will be coming soon, once the currency stops collapsing and proves stability
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