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API: Filter shares by Index




On the web app you can click "Shares" then "Filter by Indices" (e.g. Wall Street) to get a quick look at all quotes within an index.. I use this feature a lot - how can i reproduce it using the API? Is it possible to search for shares by Index using the API?

If not, could someone post a list of all EPICS in the Wall Street, US Tech 100 and US 500 indices, please?

Cheers, Lloyd.

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18 minutes ago, JakubIG said:

I'm sharing with you an easy way to check the EPICs of all our instruments:

Hi Jakub, yes that's a quick way to find an EPIC, thanks..

So, it looks like the only way for me to get a feature similar to "filter by stock index" in the API is to manually create a watchlist for each index.. That way, I can query my "Wall Street" watchlist from the API to see all quotes.. That's a shame because this will be time-consuming but better than nothing!


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