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Signal centre on the Android app

Guest DanC


Hi all,


We're releasing a new update for the Android app that will include Signal centre, so please let us know any feedback you may have regarding Signal Centre for Android, positive or negative!


We'll be staggering the release, so it could be up to 4 days before you are able to update to the new version.




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Guest FoxTrader

hi  - just updated the app a few days ago and I must say this is a great help, although I do not trade extensively from my phone, the need arises - last week we had days where the ADSL lines were mucked and I had to execute from my phone using 3G. I do use the Signal Centre, so - it is a great comfort having it on my phone now - thanks for always GROWING and acknowledging needs and improvements to the (already amazing) system.


happy days

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Nice feature


About the CFD version, is it possible to choose other contracts on the same index as in puredeal

(when using signal centre)


DAX seems to be the full size? 


And would it be possible to copy the value for stops and limits that are suggested by the signal provider instead of typing it in  when enter a trade? (i am getting old and lazy :smileywink:)




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