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Gann Swing Overlay



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On 19/09/2021 at 08:29, Anthony_C said:

Hi, is anybody able to tell me whether a Gann Swing Overlay can be applied on IG or PRT charts?  It would be great.

Thanks, much appreciated.

Hi @Anthony_C

Thank you for your question. Unfortunately Gann Swing Overlay is not available on IG platform, only Gann Line and Gann Fan drawings. I will gladly pass this on to our development team and please write in to us your suggestion at helpdesk.uk@ig.com 

All the best - MongiIG

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On 19/09/2021 at 07:29, Anthony_C said:

Hi, is anybody able to tell me whether a Gann Swing Overlay can be applied on IG or PRT charts?  It would be great.

Thanks, much appreciated.

If you go to pro real code website - look in the library it might be there, if not ask Nicholas to create what you want/need, if its a 5 min job he'll do it for free and make available to the whole library, if its complicated then he'll charge you, but he can create and you can then import it into PRT

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