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Export chart drawings/ import




I mark key levels on my chart with horizontal lines and add text - is it possible to save these drawings on one chart, open another chart and apply the settings?

for example US SP 500 - i have a horizontal line at say 4180 and some text, can i open a blank US SP 500 chart and import these lines and text? doesnt appear possible but would be really helpful




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11 hours ago, MaskedUser101 said:

Does not work - i've tried that- not sure what the layout saves.

can you not look into this please? see if you can do some dev work to make it possible?

another question in 1 workspace, can i view US SP 500 & NASDAQ charts simultaneously in same window?



Hi @MaskedUser101,

Unfortunately we can't superpose two markets on one chart. You can have both charts next to each other though.

Thank you - Arvin

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