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Why youth could be the driving force for crypto adoption

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While the crypto market seems to be facing some challenges concerning adoption which was obvious in the Q2 market report from CG and tokeninsight. The youth seems to be very resilient in exploring this emerging market. 

Statistics has shown that a fractional percentage of the world population that own crypto is 4.2% which translate to about 450 million users world wide. The top countries that constitute this statistic are:

USA -46 million+

India -27 million+

Pakistan -26 million+

Nigeria -22 million+

Vietnam -20 million+

Crypto owners demographics also show that 63% are male and 37% female which means a lot needs to be done to on board the feminine gender. 72% of the entire crypto users are also youth within the age bracket of 30 to 35 years This is why i think we are still evolving but aggressive awareness by the top players should be encouraged. 

CZ and Gracy Chen deserves some commendation for always creating the desired awareness particularly on twitter lol 🤣 🤣 X platform I guess. The upcoming maiden crypto experience day to be hosted by Bitget in 9 different countries on the international youth day will be helpful. Tho, I feel reaching out to the youthful populace in the grassroots should also be the focus because the GenZ are already abreast of the potential of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. 

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 Cryptocurrency education and awareness from reputable industry players will play a vital role in enhancing massive adoption. Unfortunately, this area hasn't been properly harnessed over time but with the upcoming crypto experience day aimed at bringing hands-on practical experience to youth especially newbies. Am optimistic things might begin to take a new shape. It will also be better if all exchanges could make it a point of duty to organize such events and make it an annual one.

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Hmm. I'm in awe of what CZ and Gracy Chen has done for the benefit of blockchain adoption. Both spearheaded the highest asset protection fund on exchanges just to regain an eroding trust due to the crash of FTX, Voyager, Celsius, Luna and 3AC. And I learnt they also integrated decentralization by introducing selfcustodial wallets on exchanges; a move that has helped onboarded many back into crypto according to a report from CoinInsight

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Crypto adoption requires a lot of progress in the overall crypto ecosystem, consistent innovations and various key components. However youths are at the crux of this adoption like you rightly pointed out, so it is important to empower the youth to mould the next generation of cryptocurrency experts. The recently introduced Bitget Builders Program for youths is a right step in the right direction by Gracy Chen and her company to ensure that youths play a vital role in crypto adoption.

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