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API /session v3 no longer works



Hi, I have been using the REST API for some months now successfully and as of this week it has stopped working. 

I am trying to login to my demo account. I receive the following error in my app and also on the API companion. 


V2 of the /session API works fine with the same username, password, api key etc.  





Content-Type=application/json; charset=UTF-8

Accept=application/json; charset=UTF-8

X-IG-API-KEY=my api key



    "identifier": "my username",
    "password": "my password"



HTTP 401

status: error

content-length: 50
content-type: application/json


    "errorCode": "error.security.oauth-token-invalid"
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Had the same issue. I emailed the helpdesk and they said 


That is a known issue that our team is currently investigating.  You  can reference

INC0761055 should you need an update on it.


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I have the same issue, started yesterday evening:

trading_ig.rest.IGException: HTTP error: 401 {"errorCode":"error.security.oauth-token-invalid"}

I run everything via git/container and therefore  confident I have not changed anything.

I do run multiple sessions (3x) using the same account, wondering if this is now being stopped.

I have not had a single issue for more than a year.

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I had this issue yesterday actually, The API needs to be better documented. It seems to be abandoned but VERY helpful and useful for some of us. The only way I find out is by literally looking at the JSON responses as the documentation is out of date. 

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Same for me, it stopped working this week with no changes to my code base. 
I can sort of get the api companion working at labs.ig,com but i can't for the life of me figure out how that can work by my code doesn't. 

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