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Charts are stuffed. Not loading for 2 days now.



There seems to be an issue with the web platform over the last 2 days for not just myself but for others on here. 


Believe me, I have tried everything that has been suggested in all the other threads dating back for months.


I have just gone to another family member's house and used their computer and the same thing happens. When you log in, the charts are just blank. When you click the tear-out button they open and are blank.  


Flash works perfectly on every other site and I have an old CFD account with another provider and charts are working fine there. 


I have uninstalled/reinstalled, Flash, Shockwave Player, java, Chrome... nothing works. I also did this on the second computer at the other location and same thing. Not working.


I have allowed Flash plugins to work for the IG website and settings are to always allow it to run flash. There is also an exception in settings to always allow this site to run flash. 


There is another thread where they are saying this is a known issue for Telstra customers in WA. Well I'm an Optus customer in Melbourne.


There is no way 2 different computers at two different locations, plus a couple of others users here experiencing the same thing is just a coincidence. There is a problem with my account and/or the IG website. 



I've tried all three browsers IE, Firefox, Chrome with all settings set to allow flash to always play on both my computer and my family member's. Please don't say it's a computer/setting issue. Something bigger is stopping a few of us on here from using charts.



I'm only posting this because I saw the other users experiencing the same thing. I'm sure there are more who just can't be bothered or even know about the "community". I only signed up today for this issue to let you guys know. 


I need this fixed shortly or will have to move to another provider. Flash works fine everywhere else. Please look into your website. 

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Hi  - I'm sorry that you are having issues with the charts. Please can I just confirm we are talking about IG charts rather than ProRealTime or MT4? I have escalated your query to our incident team and added your account number to the case. As I'm sure you can appreciate we have tens of thousands of clients logging on globally, so when a very small number of clients bring up an issue, it can take a little longer to isolate the reason. 


I shall get back to you as soon as possible. 

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Hi  we believe this is an issue with the ISP Optus in the Melbourne area as all of the customers who have reported this have these in common. Can you confirm if anyone you know is having the same issue that isn't on Optus or in the Melbourne area?


I have asked our AUS office to see if they can contact Optus directly however they may not be able to as we aren't actually a customer of theirs.


In the past with Telstra these issues have resolved themselves without us changing anything, so it may be the same case here.


I'll keep you updated regarding this, please let me know if the issues resolves itself.



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Thanks  - I will also tag  (Community Moderator) and  (client facing manager) from AUS so they are aware of the issues you are facing. I'll drop them both an email internally and try and keep you updated. 



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DAY 5 of charts not loading: Update and possible workaround or solution.


I've logged in today (and every other day since) whilst still connected to the Optus network and the charts were not working for all three browsers: IE, Firefox, & Chrome.


I then used my iPhone as a hotspot wifi connecting to the Vodafone network.


The charts didn't load on all three browsers the first time I tried logging in.


Then I decided to restart the computer whilst still connected to the iPhone/Vodafone. The Optus modem needs to be off when you restart or else it will try connect to that first.


Then I tried logging in a second time using my iPhone/Vodafone connected and the charts loaded for two out of the three browsers.


- Internet Explorer:  Charts loaded

- Firefox: Charts loaded

- Chrome: Charts are still blank - even if you allow flash to always run for the IG website


So now with charts working, I disconnected from the iPhone/Vodafone network. restarted my computer with the Optus modem back on and ready to reconnect again.


Now whilst I was only connected to the Optus network, I logged into all three browsers and the charts actually loaded, again with the same results of the Vodafone network.


- Internet Explorer:  Charts loaded

- Firefox: Charts loaded

- Chrome: Charts are still blank - even if you allow flash to always run for the IG website.


I've been using IG markets and Chrome perfectly for years, up until five days ago. You have people from Telstra, Optus, and now Vodafone complaining about this, so maybe you can look into the way charts get loaded through the website. That's one for the IG programmers or tech support to work out. Something has changed in the last week considering there are two other threads about the same thing.


As today is Saturday, I will have to wait until Monday morning's trading session to really see if this fixes the problem. Obviously I can't keep doing this time-consuming workaround/solution each morning but hopefully doing this once "resets/fixes" whatever fault there is when using the Optus network. I am actually the only person mentioning Optus in all the threads about charts not loading. I've gone through all the "chart loading" problems, dating back years. All the others with charts not loading are on the Telstra network. The other two threads this week didn't mention a network at all. Hopefully they can try the above and let us know if it works for them too.


Anyway, I will post again on Monday morning and let you know if this has solved the issue during actual trading hours.




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Today (Sunday) I've retested Chrome again after I remembered I forgot to clear cookies etc yesterday after I switched back to the Optus network. So I just cleared all the history in Chrome and charts are working again.


I didn't have to clear cookies for IE or Firefox for this network-change fix to work but I did have to do it for Chrome to start working.


(Clearing cookies etc in Chrome before changing networks wont help, I tried it a dozen times. You have to connect to another network and then clear everything in Chrome settings before trying to log back into IG).



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Ok just a final update from me. Today during normal trading hours, everything is working perfectly again. Temporarily changing ISPs with your phone as a hotspot or using a portable WiFi device seems to fix the issue. 





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Hi – I’m glad to hear that you’ve found a temporary solution to this problem. As said by , Optus is having connectivity issues with streaming/accessing data from IG.com. This has been raised with Optus under the Reference number 17465732. We have confirmed clients with other networks have not had any issues, thus changing ISPs will temporary fix the problem.


We haven’t had any updates up until now, but our IT team is working to resolve it as soon as possible.

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