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Share your best web platform tip

Guest DanC


Hi there,


Welcome to one of IG Community’s first discussions, it is great to have you here!


We’d like you to share your best tip for using our web platform. Perhaps you recently discovered something you didn’t know you could do, or maybe you have a handy hint that makes your life easier. Whatever it is, we want you to share it in this thread.


We will be awarding two prizes for this activity.


  • We will be choosing what we consider to be the best response for the first prize
  • Also anyone who actively engages in the discussion will be automatically entered in a prize draw


Each of the winners will receive a £100 (200 AUD or SGD, 1800 ZAR) gift voucher or the option to make an equivalent donation to Unicef. The competition will close at 23.59 on Friday 21st August 2015. This activity is subject to our terms & conditions here.

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Hi everyone


A new feature I really like in the platform is that your tickets and charts are saved.  This is really useful if you want to have a deal ticket prepared ready for a good entry exit point.


Similarly this applies with charts.  Chart settings are saved and your charts are saved in the chart tab.


If you want to view your tickets and or charts then you need only click on the tab and you can select an individual ticket or open them all.


I like to have tickets for particular markets open to guage market depth and this is a really easy and quick way of doing this.  

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Hi FiringSquad13,


Thanks for sharing your tip - a good recommendation!


Does anyone else have any shortcuts they use on the web platform?

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Guest FoxTrader

Hi all


Probably old hat by now, but the "tear off" (open in new window) option on Charts is a favorite of mine because I drag it to another screen while examining data and deal tickets on the platform.


I also find the "Autochartist" and "Trading Central" in "TOOLS" very helpful in chart pattern recognition and analysis respectively.


My personal favorite is the super fast "binary" SPRINT Markets, I am a little addicted to it by now....


Happy days

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I know it sounds old fashioned but I really like the fundamental news I get when utilising the Economic Calander.

I especially appreciate the Dividend Payments section around reporting time. (like right now) as well as the Company Earnings details.


Thanks IG.

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I also particularly like the signal centre alerts.  I like that you get the grey lightbulb to indicate that a particular signal is forming and then you get the yellow light bulb when it is time to trade.  This makes it visually very easy to identify trading opportunities.


When you click into the signal alert, you are taken straight to the signal centre where you can view the signal and also deal straight onto the market.  Makes things very quick and very simple.

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And the winner is….


 for the best response


 for the random prize draw


If you could both send me a private message letting me know if you would like the gift voucher or would prefer the option to make a donation to Unicef.


Thanks all for taking part, and keep an eye out for any new competitions!

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