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Trend retrace system trade entry

Guest oilfxpro

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Guest oilfxpro

I have just place a trade on Eurusd using the trend retrace strategy


You can get detailed strategy here:





The trend retrace strategy  enters trades, after a trend has been established on the 4 hour and daily charts.The trade is entered after a retrace in the trend.I usually use a small stop below the last low, in an uptrend.

This is a live trade , it can breakdown, nothing is certain.More images below with videos


trend retracement.jpga






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Guest oilfxpro

What is a Retracement?

A retracement is simply a short-term reversal in the trend, a pullback in an uptrend or a rally in a downtrend.

The market rarely moves higher or lower in a straight line. After a market has made an initial push, we often see a reversal, a retracement in price. Given the frequency of this occurrence we are able to get into the market at this retracement level and take part in the larger move.


Forex is not good for trend trading, good on trendy instruments.Euro does not want to trend.


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Guest oilfxpro

Yesterday's Euro trade made 55  ticks on the original call, but it was stopped out for  a loss of 2 ticks when it broke down.


The second option trade made 30 Ticks


call option fx.jpgeuro.jpg

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Guest oilfxpro

I  have been trading them for years.In this thread I showed three trade able profitable opportunities  


You can see their retraces and subsequent forward thrusts.They work and make profit , more times than not  for me.People like you will screw up, when they get opportunities, like you screwed up on Dax. You were advised others to go  short when it was a trend retracement.It is the blind leading the newer blind to forex.If somebody of your status screwed up, think how many new traders will screw up.:smileylol::smileylol:


You guys don't need to attack my threads to screw up , the new traders will screw up anyway, by following the blind.Below are examples of trend retracements long term on DOW, EUR USD, DAX AND FTSE


casey wplonku.jpgretacement.jpg

retraces to ma

dow tre rtr2.jpgeur usd trend retra.jpgftse trend retracement.jpgtr rtr oil.jpg

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Guest oilfxpro

For me it is profitable, as per images provided on Dax, Dow, Ftse,Oil and eurusd..


As you are getting jealous of profitable traders, I have amended this post.

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Guest oilfxpro

These are very old systems, I have used in the past and currently only trade , when there is an opportunity.You talk nonsense, I don't change, I still use old strategies.





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If you are posting your trades to help other traders then you should add your entry, stop loss and target point so we can see what your aim is. Also, why did you think that was a retracement on eurusd? Would be helpful to know what you are thinking and why.


If it's just to document your trades then that's fine we don't need the above details.


If you can make 20-30% on a small account, then you'll be able to make it on a large account. When you are confident with the strategy and are trading larger sizes then it'll give others the confidence to follow and ask you more questions. Well done on the options trade.

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Guest oilfxpro



If you read the trade post ,the first post, the trade has a stop on the account image at 1.2114 , entry 12121 .The image also shows this.


This is a trend breakout, then a minor retrace on 5 min charts.

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