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MT4 Lost Connection



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Guest TheBigKangaroo


Hello Casey and everyone.  I am struggling a little with MT4.

I down loaded the IG MT4 and successfully set up an account.  the first account I set up was a live account (which maybe I should not have at this stage and I can seem to be able to open a MT4 Demo Account with IG.  I thought that maybe I need to open another account and at some point, I would be asked if I want a live or DEMO account but this did not happen and vuala... I now have 2 live accounts and need to remove one.  So to do what I needed to find out how I can remove the second account and open a DEMO account, I opened up a new browser at the DASHBOARD and waited .. wait  .. waited but NO LIVE chat.  I closed this platform and re opened to still wait... with no chat.  spent a LONG time on you tube to work out how I may be able to do all of this but none of them were from IG.  Many other brokers had great information ... but not IG which has me questioning IG.

1. WHY does Chat not happen whenever I want it and pops up all the time when i dont.

2. How can I remove the second account

3. How can I set up a DEMO account one the MT4 platform so I can learn to use it.

I accept it is a bit harsh asking here but is there a broker for forex that has great support not unreasonable fee's...not necessarily the cheapest..?


Thankyou in advance

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Hi ,  The second live account is not a big problem, the only important one is the one that you fund, the other can be deleted with a phone call or an email to the Aust IG helpdesk. For chat you need to open a new browser page and go to the IG Homepage (for IG Australia), at least that's how it works in UK.


MT4 demo is set up through MT4.  So start up MT4 and click 'File' top left corner the 'Open an Account', you should see a feed for both IG Live and IG Demo, click IG Demo then click next and follow the instructions taking note of the login number and password.

Once you have it set up with your charts save the profile so when you flick between demo and live you can load the same profile for both.

Click on the 'Navigator' icon to change between Live and Demo.


MT4 is third party not IG, so don't forget to look at the 'Help' tab on the platform. 

Let us know how you get on.





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HI , Are you on MT4 and you have a connection (bottom right hand corner).


IG shuts down access to platforms for a couple of hours every Friday night around 10 pm for maintenance and updates.


Is the phone helpdesk 7 days a week? certainly should be on Sat morning, why did the cleaner even answer the phone?


The IG status page says all platforms are operational, and the new platform is giving Bitcoin prices. 

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Hi ,  I am a bit confused, this morning I saw an IG squawk tweet go through saying IG's indices markets were now open for weekend trading but I thought 'when did they start that, surely only the crypto markets were open on Saturday'. I checked the IG platform and it clearly stated the market for dax was closed.


Certainly now the MT4 server is up and running and feeding live prices on bitcoin but forex and indices are stopped at 9 pm Friday night as I would have expected.



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