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How to enable trailing stop loss



Ive searched the help section and it says to go to Settings and then Prefernces and allow trailing stop loss.

However when i go to prefernces there is no option to enable trailing stop loss. 

Any help would be appreciated

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Hi @yogitree,  what platform are you using? as you have described sounds like the instructions for the old IG platform  which is 'My account' > 'settings' > 'preferences' scroll down to the trailing stop section.

On the new IG platform there is a blue arrow drop down box next to 'Stop' in the deal ticket. 




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Is this for spreadbetting accounts only as the new platform is only on the spreadbetting.

Also in the old platform i still couldn't see the trailing stop-loss in the preferences section.

I've shown screenshots of the only available options below.





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Hi @yogitree,  ok I see the problem, the option for the trailing stop should be directly below the Prorealtime option so you must be on a limited risk account where you can only use guaranteed stops. See pic below.



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    • @Courage Thanks for that input, I am following this one. Being a newbie what news days and countries are best to look out for and what days are the big mover news days. Thanks
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