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how do I stop position instantly on MT4


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Hi @Fonstrade,  I just realised you may have meant how do you close a position quickly on mt4.

If you click on the entry label of the trade on the chart the option to close will be there.

You can also look in the mt4 'terminal' and 'trade' tab for a close option.

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6 minutes ago, Fonstrade said:

how do I stop position instantly on MT4

Hi @Fonstrade, the best way is to download the mt4 apps package for the terminal and mini terminal (I use the mini, see pic). There is also a target and trailing stop option.

Entry with a stop loss will come up on the chart as 2 adjustable lines. Note that the points numbers have the decimal shifted (don't ask me why) so in the pic  the spread is 1 point not 10 and the S/L: is 15 points not 150.


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Thanks @cryptotrader, that is an interesting point, I haven't noticed Gstops on mt4, I wonder if they are available. I only use the clipped down mini terminal so will need to check on the main terminal.

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