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Can't close winning trades in DEMO

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I'm trying to close my winning trades.  I have $55,000 in Funds and Profit / Loss of + $117,000 over 3 trades.
Trade 1 is $1000, trade 2 is $52,000 and trade 3 is $64,000. 

When i try to close any of these trades (on the new terminal) i get an error message that says "You have requested a closing transaction but either you have  no open position in that market, or the size is greater than your existing positions."

Any ideas why it wont let me close my trades?  This is demo account (unfortunately).

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I know right!  I wish it was.. haha.  I came from Pepperstone on MT4 and have been testing IG's new platform out.  I really like it!  Just want to make sure i know how to use their platform inside out before putting real money in. 

Would be interesting to know if anyone has had issues with closing live account positions during this time.

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Hi @NickoMacca, occasionally the odd glitch has turned up on the demo platform but I've not seen anything on the forum here about any problems with the live platform closing positions. This particular demo glitch is a bit odd in that it has spanned a couple of days. A brokers demo platform is used by the brokers technicians to test updates and new features before moving them onto the live platform so it's not surprising there is the occasional fail. 

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Thanks @Caseynotes, It looks like they have removed all of the positions.  The 3 positions aren't there any more, so they may have fixed the bug, but it was most likely tied to everyone's positions.   In order to get rid of the bug, i guess they had to get rid of the positions, too. 

I'll just 'add funds' to the same amount as my positions were at and continue from there.  Cheers!

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@NickoMacca, pleased that seems to have been sorted, it was unusual to have gone on for so long. Thinking of my reply to you previous post about closing trades and my replies to another thread I should have added a proviso, leveraged sb and cfd's are not usually a problem nor share dealing in general but be aware that if you are looking to trade in very illiquid stocks IG won't automatically act as a market maker and take the trade off you but will instead go to market to find a buyer/seller for you and if one is not currently available they can't close. This basic rule applies to any brokerage, very illiquid stocks are a specialist market and IG tries to keep them off their books. 

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I'm having the same issue. I'm trying to close out of a trade in a demo account and get the rejection sound every time I press the x.  First time seeing this issue.

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Same problem, had a message unable to close position (20k in the money) due to insufficient funds! Wondering whether its offsetting other positions and requires extra margin as a result, or just a glitch.

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