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  1. You could look at the historical data that IG provides as it includes their bid and ask prices. They provide various resolutions of data from 1 second upwards, for various time periods. I guess you could cross reference the time of your trades with a historical data request to give you the data you require.
  2. Stock indices positive this morning, FX flat and oil down. IG clients short the major indices and very bullish on gold: Built using https://www.excelpricefeed.com
  3. Hi, I've built an Excel Add-in which you can use to easily download your positions (as well as other account, price data etc.) into Excel. You could use it to quickly calculate average price as well as other parameters: https://www.excelpricefeed.com/userguide/positions-trade-history-download-excel-ig-index I hope this helps!
  4. I've built an Excel Add-in which you can use to easily download positions as well as other account data, prices etc into Excel: https://www.excelpricefeed.com/userguide/positions-trade-history-download-excel-ig-index Hope this helps!
  5. There was a major outage on February 24th, not sure about March although I do remember there being at least two fairly close together. Check this page for the latest status: https://status.ig.com/
  6. Yep, complete outage, details here: https://status.ig.com/
  7. Yes, I have built an Excel Add-in that you can use. Here, for example, is the IG daily timeseries 2002 for GBPUSD. More details on my website: https://www.excelpricefeed.com
  8. You need to take into account the premium you have paid. For example if you bought the put at say 30 then you would need to the index to close below 2830 to make a profit (strike 2860 minus 30 premium).
  9. Yep, it's ridiculous, it's full of conspiracy theories and links to dodgy websites, just ignore it.
  10. Hi @icarus666 I've built an Excel Add-in which connects to IG and enables you to download your trade history, positions, P&L etc into an Excel spreadsheet. You should be able to use it to collect the data you need, then add an Excel chart to visualise it. Give it a try and let me know how you get on, I'm keen to improve it so all feedback welcome: https://www.excelpricefeed.com
  11. andysinclair


    I've built an Excel Add-in which enables you to easily download historic IG market data into Excel. You can specify the resolution of the data, minute/hour/etc: https://www.excelpricefeed.com/userguide/historic-data-download-ig-index Please be aware that due to IG restrictions you can only download 20,000 historic datapoints per week. Hope this helps.
  12. Hi, I have just been looking at two pages on the IG site and they show different client sentiment numbers for AUDUSD: https://www.ig.com/uk/marketanalysis/ig-forex/audusd1 : 67% long https://www.ig.com/uk/forex/markets-forex/aud-usd : 50% short The API is also returning 50% short so I presume the 67% figure is incorrect? Can somebody from Support check please? Thanks
  13. More than double the average number of deaths for week 16 compared to the 5 year average.
  14. US futures in the red just before US open, at session lows. USD stronger, everything else red: Powered by https://www.excelpricefeed.com
  15. The world has gone crazy. Bill Gates being attacked by conspiracy theorists, no evidence for any of this other than "it's on Twitter". This used to be a reasonable discussion forum....Maybe I should post some screenshots from Twitter arguing that that earth is flat!