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  1. Saw this earlier and thought it might be of interest for this thread. G7 FX Implied Volatility collapsing:
  2. Just to add to the discussion. EURGBP in the interbank market is dwarfed by GBPUSD and EURUSD. These two pairs drive a lot of the EURGBP price action, so often GBPUSD or EURUSD will move which results in a move in EURGBP (due to the "triangular" nature of the 3 pairs):
  3. Thought I would post an updated spreadsheet, interesting to see IG clients (us!) now: More short: major indices More Long: GBPUSD and EURUSD Very long: Bitcoin and Ether
  4. Coincidentally it's now the same as FXCM...I saw this the other day and thought "ah, that's better than IG Index"...
  5. Another option is to open an additional account, you can then say run your long term positions in one account and your short term positions in another - this is good for keeping track of PL between strategies etc.
  6. @TrendFollower It works fine for me, I have my demo account open in Chrome and my live account open in Firefox, no issues so far.
  7. Or you can have one account open in say Chrome and the other in Firefox, Internet Explorer or Edge.
  8. I've had similar issues over the last few days on the demo platform. IG support are aware (as of yesterday) and they said they are looking into it. Shame those profits aren't on a live account!
  9. Hi @RichB-Trader Would you mind sharing your risk spreadsheet (just the structure with any data blanked out)? I am working on building a risk and trading history spreadsheet and am interested to see how you have approached it. Thanks.
  10. I am experiencing the same, some demo positions are being opened whilst others are just hanging. Clearly something still wrong with the demo system.
  11. Thanks @Caseynotes very help, I didn't manage to find that page. I'll create a simple spreadsheet so I can calculate the funding costs myself.
  12. Does anybody know how to calculate the cost of overnight funding, for example with a SP500 DFB spreadbet? I have found some informaton on the IG website It mentions an "admin fee" however it doesn't say what this admin fee actually is.
  13. This level seems to be a strong area of resistance, 5th test since October. Short from here? 2018.
  14. Hi @AntonL-IG Has any progress been made on making historical sentiment data available via the API? If it is either not going to happen or is still far down the development line, would IG have any objections if I was to store sentiment data over time and make it available through an Excel Add-in I am developing i.e. collect my own historic data? Thanks.
  15. It was from there but I've just noticed those numbers are from the demo API, which for some reason is different from the live API.... Here's the current table, just updated from the live API: