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  1. Thanks for both your responses. I will check out both MT4 and the example using Trading View. Will post findings/feedback here.
  2. Hi, Does anybody know if it is possible to plot my historical trades on a chart? I don't believe it is possible on the IG platform, however is there some other software that I could easily use to achieve this (linked to my IG account so the trades are plotted automatically). I would like to do this so I can review my weeks trading, see where I made profit/loss and basically help me improve. If nothing exists then as I am a software developer may look into building this for myself! Thanks!
  3. I've built an Excel Add-in that makes it very easy to connect to IG and stream live prices, download historical data, account data (positions) etc. https://www.excelpricefeed.com/ It requires an IG API key to work, and you can use it with your demo or live account. Let me know if you have any questions or need any help.
  4. I suggest you build something in Excel to keep track of your portfolio. You can use an Add-in that I have built that connects to both Yahoo Finance and IG Index (spread betting and CFD, not shares as it uses the IG API): https://www.excelpricefeed.com/ The Add-in provides formulas, such as =EPF.Yahoo.Sector("AAPL") which will populate a cell with the industry sector for Apple stock. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any feedback or need any help.
  5. Just to let you know, I have built an Excel Add-in which provides easy to use formulas for accessing IG data, as well as other financial data providers. I fully support it and regularly add new features so there is a small monthly charge to use it. You can try it free for 10 days at: https://www.excelpricefeed.com/ Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you find it useful!
  6. What is a long or short positioning tool? Can you provide an example?
  7. Yes, I am not seeing my Twitter feed update. It was working fine last week.
  8. It looks like the positions are daily "cash" positions, not futures, therefore they will be closed automatically at end-of-day. You can, however, enable automatic roll-over of cash positions in the settings section of the dashboard.
  9. I use the transactions endpoint in my Excel Add-in and it works well. However, as you say it need to be set to API V2 as V1 is no longer supported. The API version needs to be set on the request header, for example: I would check the code where the actual request is made and make sure this is being set correctly. I hope this helps.
  10. It just opened, currently up 70% at $420.
  11. Yes, you should definitely use the ask/bid price when backtesting. Spreads change constantly based on market conditions, time of day etc. and can have a significant impact on the profitability of any system.
  12. Yeah I agree, for the last few months it attracted lots of spammers for some reason (I presume it was not being moderated and had always attracted spam). However, it did have lots of useful content, often I would search on Google for a question/issue and would see a useful forum post in the results. Over the years it became a decent knowledge base, which I guess is all lost now.
  13. Hi @CharlotteIG or anybody at IG. Can you explain what is happening with the IG Labs forum? It was a great resource for help/discussion with anything related to the API, and now all that info has gone. Thanks.
  14. The Coinbase "IPO" is not really an IPO it's a direct listing so no new shares will be made available to the public: https://blog.excelpricefeed.com/2021/02/25/coinbase-ipo/
  15. Coinbase today announced its intention to IPO by filing an S1 with the US SEC. How does Coinbase compare with traditional financial exchanges and what are its prospects? Some thoughts here after digging into the S1: https://blog.excelpricefeed.com/2021/02/25/coinbase-ipo
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