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I am trying to set up a comprehensive trading platform. My MAC setup will comfortably drive my three 43 inch 4k monitors. What I am looking for is the ability to simultaneously have open a minimum of 12 time frames charts across 6 to 10 markets.

Has anyone done something similar to this?

Any help or guidance would be more than a little appreciated.

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Hi @MrBridger,  using the online platform that should be quite easy, the limiting factor is going to be memory, each chart will take up a percentage. For example running Chrome, plus some other apps, and with around 14 charts open I'm using up about 30% of 16 GB.

With the online platform you could have a new browser page for each 'workspace' and so you could have 10 workspaces resized and positioned anywhere on your screens, and within each workspace you could open your 12 time frame charts.

Hope this helps, would love to see a pic once you get it all set up. 

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A display setup is not really going to have much to do with an actual trading strategy but is simply a reflection of which markets you are wanting to keep an eye on as well as associated markets.

Get some surprising bad data for example and suddenly gold and dollar are going up while oil and US indices are going down, then the other western indices follow down. Oh to be sitting back in a big lounger and flicking your eyes from screen to screen rather than being hunched over the terminal flicking backward and forward though charts looking for the setup of your strategy to appear.

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Yes, you wouldn't want to be trying to look at 100 charts all at once. But to be able to survey the Savannah at a glance before deciding where to focus has it's advantages rather than constantly flicking backward and forward through a dozen charts before choosing one then flicking backward and forward through the time frames. Such a display setup does have it's advantages and I know lots of full time traders have something similar. 

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Why not compromise and only buy the 43" monitors with profits you make trading while hunched over your 14" laptop?  Spending all that money upfront isn't such a good idea.

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