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Why is it that you fail to keep previous IGTV shows available and up to date 24/7? Today there is absolutely nothing to watch - why not - where have the vids gone? See attachment

IG - 25-06-2019.png

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This seems to be an issue isolated to you and your desktop browser. Please make sure you have access granted to flash, and that there are no firewall settings which restrict the page from loading.

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Hi JamesIG,

Yep, reinstalled Flash and tried 3 browsers (Chrome, Firefox, I.E.) to no avail. Strange because last week I could see the days videos and history, but today Zilch! Firewall settings are the same as ever, so I remain foxed as to why they are not loading - any other ideas would be appreciated.



PS I can see and play the vids in Our Picks without problems!

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