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Hi everyone,

I´m quite new to actual trading and to the platform. However, I was wondering if it is posible to receive a sound or a visual or other audio signal if a new signal is published on the IG platform so I can act according to the signal immediately. (I don´t want to be on the page refreshing 24/7 to be up to date). Now I know I should learn analyzing the charts myself and not follow recommendations of others but give me some time and also I feel like the recommendations aren´t too bad.



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If you login to Autochartist you get more options 

In the old platform you find it in tools, (or else look up Autochartist)



Market Snapshot E-mails provide you with a technical outlook of the markets for the next 24 - 48 hours.

Market Snapshot E-mails are sent out three times per day for markets such as Forex and Commodities, and once per day for the Tokyo, London and New York Stock Exchanges."

Also correlating signals

"Autochartist scans our Trading Opportunities and alerts you by email if we find Horizontal Levels and Chart Patterns that have coincided in their forecast of a potential market move."

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Had a look at Autochartist and they have also a Android app 

Maybe with push notifications?

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I think it's only fair to tell you, but SignalCentre does not trade its own signals - in their 'small print' they tell you that it's all 'simulated'.  They get their money from selling their signal 'service' to clients like IG.  In my experience the signals given are appallingly bad.

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