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Stocks not showing up in ISA search



Anyone else having difficulty in finding stocks when in their ISA account. I have failed to find stocks both using the "Finder" search facility and searching manually. The stocks I have been looking for I have been told by support are available on the online platform. I only receive a "Sorry no results were found" message :-(


I have sent them a screenshot but in the meantime could someone do me a favour and see if they get any results searching for any of the following stocks in their ISA?:


Asanko Gold, listed on NYSE & FRA


Kirkland lake Gold, listed on LSE 


Novagold Resources, listed on NYSE & FRA


Pretium Resources, listed on NYSE & FRA






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so we have to turn on data feeds to simply view a security? do we have to keep them on if we place an order to open?. I'm looking at Reynolds American, a 50bn usd mkcp company that i cant find on the isa page. Quite frustrating as other isa providers readily provide you with accessible price information.


it costs money to turn these feeds on?? surely those with a certain amount in their isa could be viewed as 'genuine' and not simply using the service for 'price discovery''? please allow these people to easily access this info.



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Reynolds American is available for trading in the ISA but you will have to have subscribe to the NYSE data feed. The monthly fee is 91p which is rebated if one does at least one trade per month. Similar arrangements are in place for subscribing to the other data feeds offered just the fee and the number of trades to qualify are not all the same. To see this info go into your ISA account click on "My account" just under "Logout" in the top right corner and then on "Data Feeds" in the menu on the left side of the resultant box.  


, FYI I got an email notification through for lukatic's reply to this thread. None of the other threads I am subscribed too have had replies so I cannot comment on them.   

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Hi folks,


Liam and one of his colleagues has sorted this issue for me.


Unlike LSE stocks where one can find them and trade them in the ISA account without turning on either of the live data feeds (L1 or L2) the platform requires one to turn on the data feed for US stocks just in order to find out if a stock is available for trading.


Pretium Resources was not available, I've asked for that one to be added.


Thanks guys 

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I've just spoken to Liam regarding a number of the stocks you mentioned in your first post:


Kirkland lake Gold - this was delisted from the LSE on the 31/07/2015, and we're currently unable to offer the Canadian Line


- Pretium Resources - this is available to trade, you'll just need to activate the NYSE exchange in your data feeds.


Do let us know if you have any further queries.



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Hi , thanks for getting in touch.


Pleased to confirm that Sandon Capital Investments Ltd (ASX: SNC) has been set up for share dealing and trading in the ISA platform.


If you ever have a stock request, remember you can just drop us an email (helpdesk.uk@ig.com) and we will get it set up wherever possible.




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