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New in this Market.

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7 hours ago, Hamzanazir said:



Hamza here from asia. It was my dream to work Stock Market. But I do not know any thing even a-z. So kindly and humble request to all of you who can help me to give ideas and trained some points,


Thank you

Hamza Nazir

You may find the Academy we have useful: https://www.ig.com/uk/learn-to-trade/ig-academy

 We also have loads of videos on our youtube channel interesting. Once you get a feel for what you like let me know and we can go through so examples and how to get exposure to markets: https://www.youtube.com/user/IGIndexSpreadBetting

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Hi ,

With respect Hamza , why is it your dream to work(trade) the stock market when you say you dont know anything about it? This is an important question to answer truthfully as most people say its the dream of just making money and the freedom etc. Please dont enter trading if you are chasing the money otherwise more times than not you will end up blowing your account(s).

Others have mentioned good starting point for you with regards to reading material. It is also important to understand your personality as that will dictate your style of trading. Once you have a good understanding it is also important to find yourself a mentor (someone who actual trades for a living)

I wish you all the best

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I know your question is not for me so hope you dont mind me contributing :-

I be honest and say 99% of books out there are rubbish and two most important steps are :-

(1)Mindset -Humans are not wired to be successful traders so you may need to reprogram yourself (easier said than done)  - This will be a personal journey but I do like lot of material written by Brett Steenbarger

(2)Get yourself a 'successful', experienced and proven trading mentor

Even then there is no guarantee of success but above all do NOT take up trading to make money  instead to be successfull in executing  your edge (when you find it) and money will come to you

All the best


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