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  1. I will do, you miserable old sod.
  2. Germany has finally broken out and sh4t its pants.
  3. I guess we shouldn't have bought under the 200 MA, right?
  4. Here's the best advice you can get. Don't bet money you can't afford to lose. At a bare minimum 76% of retail punters lose. Over time, it's closer to 95 - 99% and the number that outperform a simple buy and hold strategy is probably less than 99.9%. And the post above shows the 'benefit of hindsight' which is totally useless when you're actually trading. Best of luck.
  5. Have you thought about asking jlz for help writing an algorithm? He makes money auto-magically without even looking at charts. Andrew S is profitable 1700 out of 1900 times and Tom is an unrivalled genius who knows better than anyone. Seems strange to me that you are not imbibing the milk of the greats.
  6. Go on, tell us more bullsh!t about the globalists. Hope you are looking forward to the Biden-Harris landslide you miserable old b4stard
  7. Here is the Nasdaq hourly stripped of most of the indicators. Looks better.
  8. You are a miserable old b4stard. Go and post more sh!t about 'globalists' in your Covid-obsessive thread. I hope you enjoy the Biden-Harris victory in two weeks as well. Trump belongs in jail 🤣
  9. I know right, it's my Achilles heel, pretty much destroyed my life by indulging in foul-mouthed outbursts.
  10. Is the Nasdaq poised to squeeze out a big poo? The MACD says so 🤯
  11. The Nikkei has exceeded 88.6% retracement, next stop 24151 🤓
  12. Those big dumb Yankee boys, boasting about the size of their stonkers 🤣
  13. Is the pound round and sound as a mound? 🧐🤪
  14. The wee blonde lass doesn't say much
  15. Which way will it go toots 😘
  16. Give me a kiss sweetheart 😘
  17. Let's double-up, adding to our position hun 😘
  18. Give you jive on Eileen 🤪💨
  19. A cosmic embrace in the eternal emptiness of space 😘
  20. Oh my love, how beautiful thou art 😘
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