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What are the best MT4 and MT5 alternatives?



MetaTrader 4 and 5 are no longer available on the Apple App Store. Find out which trading platforms you can use on your mobile to keep seizing trading opportunities.

Source: Bloomberg

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MT4 and MT5 removal from iOS: what you need to know

In September 2022, Apple removed the MT4 and MT5 apps from the App Store. This will impact new and existing users. New users can no longer download the application, and existing users won’t be able to update it in future. It’s likely that the app won’t function without the necessary updates.

Traders using the MT4 or MT5 app on an Android device (downloaded from Google Play) aren’t affected by this change.

MT4 workaround on iOS

There is an MT4 workaround for iPhone and iPad users. If you use our MT4 VPS, it’s possible to log into the VPS using a remote desktop app on your device. This is the same software some of our clients use to access the VPS on a PC.

It’s important that you use the remote desktop app link provided here, as certain imitations can cause harm to your device.

This MT4 workaround also gives you access to expert advisors – a function not available on the app. Here are the steps to access MT4 on your Apple device:

  1. Open a spread betting or CFD trading account or log in
  2. Add MT4 to your account
  3. Set up your MT4 VPS
  4. Search for the Remote Desktop Mobile app from Microsoft on the App Store
  5. Log into the VPS on your iOS device using your existing VPS login details

Learn more about how to get started with MT4

MT4 and MT5 alternatives

There are a few alternative trading platforms you could use on your mobile instead of MT4 or MT5, such as our web platform, trading app, ProRealTime and L2 Dealer.

  • Our award-winning web platform and app

We have the world’s best trading platform and app1 – and it’s free to use. You can download it from the iOS App Store as well as Google Play and use it on your desktop or mobile.

When you use our web platform, you can:

  • Access fast execution – your trades will never be filled at a worse price
  • Use easy-to-understand HTML5 charts
  • Get trading signals and alerts

Learn more about our trading platform and app

  • ProRealTime

The ProRealTime (PRT) platform is available on PC and Mac. It has an easy-to-use algo tool, as well as its own marketplace – like MT4 – where you can buy custom indicators and trading systems. When using PRT, you can:

  • Create customised timeframes and time zones
  • Get market screening tools
  • Access more than 100 technical indicators
  • Join a community forum

Learn more about ProRealTime

  • L2 Dealer

L2 Dealer is popular among experienced traders. It’s available on PC. With L2 Dealer, you can access share and forex DMA trading, which gives you direct access to the order book of the exchange.

Forex trading with L2 Dealer is only available for pro traders.

Learn more about L2 Dealer

Anzél Killian | Financial writer, Johannesburg
28 September 2022


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