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"rising buy" option



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14 hours ago, TheGuru12 said:

How would that work?

Its a feature of some other platforms I wish was here. Imagine you were watching a stock you thought was about to break out, maybe today, maybe next week but you think will run long, well. Its popping up against $1 repeatedly. So you place a "rising buy" order for the volume you want with a trigger of (say) $1.05. When the stock breaks out and passes $1.05, your order is filled as quick as the market will offer.

Normally you would have to sit on the buy ticket waiting for the breakout, by the time you have actually bought it the bots will have driven the stock up many points and you may lose the run. This style of buy helps get in at the bottom of the run.

Kind of the direct opposite of a "stop loss" order


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3 hours ago, bagmaker said:

That looks like what I need thanks HMB but I cannot get those options on my platform, is yours an upgrade of some degree?  Cheers



looks to me like what on my platform (IG spread betting) is called "price level", is called "order level" on your platform. 


in the order type field - can you select "stop"?

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